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Archives for December, 2012

All aboard the Inman Express to London SE1

There really is no better time than now to bite the bullet and go and get your teeth straightened. The market around London SE1 is full of fantastic gismos designed specifically to deal with different types of orthodontic problems as quickly as possible and with the utmost discretion. However when it comes to getting the job done quickly, there truly is none faster than the Inman aligner. This device comes with a very unique system of moving the teeth to and fro, but by keeping them on the move all of the time, they move frighteningly fast- 6 weeks fast in fact and that’s no lie! Its only drawback, if any, is the design of the aligner only works on the teeth at the front, but this is definitely the device for you if you fit the bill. Another advantage of wearing this is that it is removable whenever the occasion arises, such as maintaining oral hygiene. Because the teeth move so quickly, they will have the tendency to spring back into place from whence they came, so a retainer needs to be worn until they have stabilised into their new home. The cost of this tailored-to-you device starts from around £1200, but that’s nothing to finally getting your teeth done after all those years in such a short amount of time.


The lovely world of Lumineers in South East London

We all want to get the perfect smile in a hard working and demanding place like south east London, even if it’s just to keep up with the Jones’. But this becomes ever the harder the older we get: gaps may start to appear between the teeth, they may become worn and cracked and as well as possibly discolouring, the gums may start to recede. But there is a simple process by which you can cover up and eradicate all of these problems- the fitting of Lumineers. Not only are they very strong when they are cemented into place, they are very beautiful when you smile. The first part of the process is to get casts made up of your teeth and then be sent away to a lab so that the Lumineers can be manufactured. After a couple of weeks, they should return and after a quick clean of your teeth, these wafer thin beauties are simply cemented onto the surface of the teeth and ‘cured’ with a heat source with no damage to the original enamel underneath…..and that’s it, your teeth have this fantastic new look. If you look after them, they should last you many years, but it’s just as simple to get them replaced again should anything go wrong.


Delighting in the Dental Crown in London SE1

Tooth decay can do a lot of damage to your teeth in London SE1: it can infect the pulp and the roots of your teeth and if allowed to continue, can lead to you losing your tooth altogether and in both cases, a dental crown may come into the equation at some point. If the tooth has become badly infected, a root canal needs to be carried out and once the tooth is filled, a crown may be needed in order to give the tooth back its original strength and shape. In the case of tooth loss, a crown would be use in a dental bridge, or on a dental implant. Then, you have the choice of what crown to pick and there are three common types, each of which however depends on the job it is meant to do in the mouth. Incisors do not have to take heavy workloads and so, the crown can be made entirely from porcelain, or if you love the ‘zing’ factor, you can go for gold. Gold is also strong and along with a porcelain-over-metal crown, these are the more likely types of crowns that will be used at the back of the mouth where a lot of biting and chewing is done. In all cases, crowns are useful to help keep the balance of the mouth’s occlusion healthy and true, otherwise, your jaws may suffer from wear and tear in the future.


Battling through the Dental Pain barrier in South East London

Dental pain can come in a number of disguises and can be caused by many things in south east London, but in any event, it is always wise to be ready so that you can act accordingly. Some pain can come from nowhere; tooth decay can suddenly cause darting pains through the tooth, gum disease can lead to an abscess forming. In these cases, you can counter the problem with painkillers until you can get treated. Other pain can being caused by a build up of something that has gone wrong in the mouth: chips, the loss or a veneer, filling or crown are not an immediate danger to the mouth, but they can leave sharp bits in the mouth which can cause lacerations to your gums and tongue- again leading to pain. In all cases, you can use herbal remedies, along with your painkillers in order to sooth the pain. You can also suffer from pain after being treated by your dentist, say when a root canal has been performed or a tooth has been extracted: the same rules apply, although if after any event, the pain continues to cause you problems, you should get straight back to your dentist to work out what is going wrong.


Straightening your Teeth in London SE1

There are a lot of techniques and treatments in dentistry over the last 20 years that have become an art form in their own right and help to keep your mouth healthy throughout your lives- one such area of expertise that has rather adopted the painter’s beret is orthodontics (teeth straightening to you). In very intricate and extreme cases, the braces need to be made bespoke to the work that they have to do and the more complex the treatment you require, the more complex the wire-work you will need in your mouth and even though it will be beneficial to you in the end, it will not look that pretty. But generally, most people can buy off-the-shelf ones to suit specific peculiar conditions in their mouths; there has been a huge range of devices come onto the market to cover all these requirements. How your brace or aligner looks has become a very important factor when people choose and the industry has got its act together on this problem. Most fixed braces you can buy use materials that are colored to match your teeth and so become more discreet when they sit in your mouth. Others however have taken discretion to the ultimate level- invisibility: there are a few clear aligners flying around London SE1 made from transparent materials that are virtually impossible to detect in the mouth. Speed of treatment is also an important factor and most work faster than ever before and in one particular case, as quick as 6 weeks!


Halting Teeth Erosion in South East London

Throughout your life, your teeth will always be running the gauntlet of attacks from all angles and no matter how well you fight the problems off, occasionally, something will get through. One such attack in south east London will come from teeth erosion and erosion is all about the brutality it does to the enamel of your teeth. The most common form of erosion comes from the lack of oral hygiene that allows plaque acids to languish on the surface of the teeth, and left to do their worst, the acids will start to eat through the enamel and infect the inside, killing the pulp and the roots. But there are also other forms of erosion that threaten the enamel of your teeth. You should first sit back and consider what you put in your mouth on a daily basis, as some forms of food and drink do more damage to the surfaces of your teeth than others and of course, in your efforts to remove these evils, it is all so easy to get a bit heavy-handed with your brushing and too much can also see a deterioration in the thickness in your enamel. But probably the most instantly destructive damage done comes from grinding your teeth and not only does it destroy the teeth, but it also halves the workload for the acids to break through as well. You can get a guard made up for this problem, you can also have dental sealants put on the surfaces of you teeth to prevent acid damage, essentially though, you need to be aware of the dangers lurking around in your mouth.


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