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Archives for November, 2012

Recognizing a Dental Emergency in London SE1

If one thing can be said of residing in London SE1, you have everything at your doorstep to make your living comfortable. There are establishments open all night to cater for your needs and desires an often, a mere stones throw away as well. So this is a comforting thought should a health crisis arrive- especially a dental one, for it can be said, that a lot of people wouldn’t know what to do should a problem crop up in their mouths. Now for serious problems, you always have the hospital to fall back on, but there are dental surgeries dotted all around the city and open 24 hours too. So maybe then, you should have a few telephone numbers of these people tucked in your pocket so that you can call them in the event of a crisis and this would be a very wise thing to do before you start panicking, as then you can identify a minor emergency from a major one over the phone and maybe save on time, or stop wasting it. Minor emergencies can make you jump into action needlessly- the loss of a veneer, a filling, a crown, a toothache or a chipped tooth: yes, they may cause a level of discomfort, but it can be sorted out with some painkillers and common sense until you can get to your dentist, as opposed to flying through the streets in an ambulance because your botox in your lips has stopped working. Real emergencies come when you have a tooth knocked out or have an abscess flare up and in these cases, time is of the essence. You should discuss this subject with your dentist, as it is important and it will help you to make calm, informed decisions in an ’emergency’ situation in the future.


Keeping your Teeth Clean in South East London

There should be two essential reasons why we should strive to keep our teeth clean in south east London- health and vanity. Healthy teeth will keep with you until you decide to shed this mortal coil, which is why you should give it your best shot everyday, and of course, you want your teeth to look pretty as well in order to keep up appearances. Now there is a two-pronged attack that you can employ in order to do this: the first is the products you buy and how you deploy their use in your mouth. Yes, there are some fantastic products around, all designed to tackle the major problems like plaque and bacteria in your mouth, from tooth brushes to mouth-washes. But buying them is not enough, as if you don’t know how to use them, you’ll be wasting your time, which is why you should get some tips from your dentist, and which brings us nicely to the second prong in your attack- your dentist. Even if you get the art of cleaning your teeth down to a fine art, even a day away from the toothbrush will see bacteria set about destroying your teeth. In this case, your dentist is there to pick up the pieces and mend anything that is broken. If the two of you keep the dialogue channels open, then between you, your teeth should be able to get through life virtually unscathed.


The range of Dental Procedures in London SE1

There are an incredible range of dental procedures available to get you though life in London SE1. Some are there, and always have been, to ensure that your mouth remains healthy. General procedures include x-rays, teeth straightening, fillings, root canals, extractions, deep cleaning and polishing, and these are the sort of things that can be found, and be born out of, a run-of-the-mill check-up with your dentist. But then you enter into the world of cosmetic dentistry and the procedures get really interesting, because here, you are making the choice to have them done. There is a great clamour right now to get the best look from your teeth as is possible and there are many ways you can have this done. Teeth in poor shape can be treated with cosmetic bonding or dental veneers, gums can be contoured with laser treatment, holes can be plugged up by a dental implant, bridges, crowns and partial dentures, or if you are lucky enough, you can improve the way you look just by having your teeth bleached. What we have here in the modern world of dentistry is a procedure for every occasion with ‘no job too big’…..there’s never been a better time to smile people!


Dealing with Dentures in South East London

For some people living in south east London, there comes that dreaded day when either some, or all of your teeth, will have given up the fight and you have to embrace the world of dentures. This was a horrible prospect in the past: dentures were often cheaply made and keeping them in your mouth became a blooming nightmare. Since those rough old days however, there has been a lot of thought put into their design and manufacture over the past 20 years and they have now become rather fashionable in their own peculiar way. This also came at a time when dentists stopped panicking at the merest sign of tooth decay, stopped pulling teeth on mass and started to use the technology around them to save teeth, as opposed to removing them and it’s this change in tact that has seen a rise in the sales of partial dentures. It has also helped those that wear dentures, that there has been a lot of effort put into the materials that dentures are made from, that not only makes them look more natural and endearing to the wearer, but also helps all types of denture adhere to the mouth better. Partial dentures are very dainty and when a tooth has been lost here or there, it’s so simple to have one made up to replace the loss, they are easy to wear and cheap compared to other treatments. Full dentures have suffered the same benefits too from the revolutionary way they are now made. But aside from great cements around to help bond the denture in, the mini-implant has truly come to the aid of any denture wearers, as once a few of these have been fitted into your mouth and your dentures customized to lock onto the implants, there is no chance of you suffering the embarrassment of them falling out, in any situation.


Pretty in Porcelain: Veneers in London’s SE1

If you are going to get your teeth fixed up in London SE1, then you should go for the best option you can get. Especially if time is starting to catch up with you and the ageing process has left your teeth found wanting. If this is the case, then you should pop down to your dentists and ask about porcelain veneers because this is one of the most delicious treatments you can to put that youthful smile back on your face. The treatment itself is so simple and painless: once you have decided to go for it, your dentist will take the enamel off the offending teeth, take a mould, and then send it off to the lab so that your veneers can be made. When they return, the dentist will then cement them into place and then present you with a mirror: this is the time you should put your seatbelt on because you will go crazy with joy when you see the results: no more receding gums, cracked or chipped teeth. Gone is any staining, and if your teeth had become worn down, you will be amazed to find them back to their original length. But it’s the glow that porcelain gives that will astound you the most- because it’s in your mouth!!! And look after them because with care, you should get a good 15 years life out of them. ENJOY!


Checking in for a Check-up in South East London

There are some events in your life that you should avoid like the plague in south east London, but a dental check-up most certainly isn’t one of them. This is the time when you can find out just how well you have been looking after yourself and if not, find out how you can improve on what you do at home. Dental check-ups are as important as anything else that you do throughout the year, and skipping one would be as dangerous as running across the road blindfolded. For all the effort you may have put in since your last check-up to keep your teeth clean and healthy, you may have forgotten a series of weekends when you may have got a little worse for wear and forgotten to clean your teeth and unless you have an x-ray machine in the garage, you may be oblivious to the damage you may have done during your ‘time off’. At a check-up, your dentist applies a set of rules in order to check for problems in your mouth. An x-ray will first determine the extent of any damage done whilst you’ve been partying and then if need be, fix it. Your dentist will then roam about your mouth checking for signs of wear and tear, and again, fix them, give you a quick spit and polish and send you on your way. It should be time well spent and the two of you should indulge in dialogue: the dentist telling you off and then you apologizing!


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