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Archives for October, 2012

Dealing with your Dental Anxiety in London SE1

If you break out into a sweat whenever you walk into a dental surgery in London SE1, the chances are that you suffer from dental anxiety. Now you aren’t alone in this: thousands of people up and down the country also go through the same problem, but that is rather cold comfort and won’t help to solve the issue. Maybe past experiences at the dentists to you or someone you know may have sparked off this anxiety, and though it won’t stop you from getting the treatment you need to keep your teeth healthy, it will make every visit uncomfortable and if it gets worse, it could turn into a full blown phobia that will stop you even bothering to turn up. Dentists know all about this problem, as it is part of their training, and it’s important to them that they help you with your anxiety, for it can make treating you difficult. Talk to your dentist and explain your issues. The dentists then will not only be able to put your mind at rest by explaining to you all about the treatments you will need, but also offer you the choice as to how you would like the treatment done. They can also explain about all the sedation techniques they can offer you to help you relax and be free of any form of pain throughout.


Overcoming rotten teeth in South East London

You’d think that in a modern world and a place like south east London, modern dentistry would have retired the problem of rotten teeth for good. Thing is though, look around you and you will find it’s not the case. Some people have different important agendas in their lives, and in rare cases, their teeth aren’t one of them. But if you take this stance and you don’t care about your teeth, and then have them removed and be done with it, because if you allow you teeth to rot, you will be threatening your whole health in the long run: gum disease is a killer and it has been linked to heart disease and kidney failure. Poor oral hygiene is one of the biggest contributing factors to rotten teeth: after only a day, the bacteria left by rotting food in the mouth will allow acids to eat through the enamel and cause tooth decay to set in. The tartar build up around the base of the teeth will also bring on gum disease and over time, your mouth will literally rot away. Two others contributing factors are also poor diet and the avoidance of a dental check-up. Your dentist would have certainly have picked up on any problems had you been bothered to turn up in the first place. Now during the general decay, there comes a crucial crossroads: either you can carry on letting your teeth decay, or you can take the other direction and get them fixed up; it’s a thin line between the two and if you have any self-respect and esteem for yourself, then you’d take the latter route.


London’s SE1 gets the low-down on Fluoride Toothpaste

Fluoride toothpaste ha been around now in London SE1 for well over a hundred years and there is good reason for this. Fluoride is good for the enamel of the teeth. Its chemical build up helps to re-mineralize the teeth as well as breaking down bacteria that can lead to gum disease and tooth decay. It also has an abrasive quality that can help in the removal of tartar and plaque: it can also help in the fight against bad breath. For children, it is vital that they get as much protection as they can, as they are highly susceptible to tooth decay for the first seven years of their life. So then, you may well ask why it is that several Scandinavian countries have banned the use of fluoride. For all of its virtues, fluoride is toxic: too much of it digested into the system can be fatal, especially in children who do love to eat the stuff. It also deposits traces in the brain that can make you go a bit loopy as well over time. But the greatest irony is that too much use and it can promote spots of the surface of the enamel- the very thing it was designed to protect. If you are confused as to which way you should go, consult with your dentist first, and there are a lot of god fluoride free toothpastes on the market. Fluoride was only put in the first place because of the diet of foods we consume in this country help to enhance the growth of tooth decay; in African countries and the far east, they don’t have fluoride in their water and rarely in their toothpaste as they don’t need to, as they do not suffer from tooth decay like we do- food for thought eh?


The devastation caused by Teeth Grinding in South East London

If you are finding that you are stressed out, not sleeping well and your jaws are starting to ache and you are irritable throughout the day, these could be the perfect signs that you will be grinding your teeth as well. One of the most important element in your life in south east London is your sleep, but if during the day, you are being wound up and taking these stresses to bed with you, you will probably grind your teeth and it’s a condition that can heap terrible damage on you in the long run. You need to learn to handle you stress and then learn how to unwind after a long day (your dentist can help here as they will probably notice how your teeth are becoming worn when you go for a check-up) and then in time, the grinding will stop: during this phase, you’ll have to wear a mouth-guard to prevent further damage to the surfaces of your teeth, otherwise, then worn enamel with be open to abuse from tooth decay. But it’s not only your teeth that will suffer from grinding- your jaws will become terribly damaged for which you will need surgery. Continued grinding will also affect your hearing, promote headaches, do damage to the neck and possibly the central nervous system and also the upper back.


The joys ahead with your Children’s Teeth in London SE1

Kids are lovely aren’t they? Well, if you have just gone through the joys of childbirth, let’s hope you have done a lot of preparation in finding a dentist and signed up to and insurance plan as well, because your beautiful child’s teeth are going to cost a lot of money for treatments and also require a lot of vigilance from you as they grow. Teething will be your first hurdle and having a pediatrician next to you will help monitor how the teeth erupt into the mouth and how you can prevent them from suffering from decay and infection. This can also be the same when there secondary teeth come through, although by now, your child should be brushing their own teeth and be signed up to the family doctor. Tooth decay in children will always be a problem, because when they finally go off to school and are out of sight of you, they’ll be stuffing their faces with glorious sweets and all things sugary, so it’s vitally important they stick to dental check-ups at this age. The next hurdle may well be braces and this will be a testing time for you and them and again, if they require fixed braces, they are going to have to work hard at cleaning them as this is the time when their teeth are vulnerable to bacteria and plaque. This should be it, however, if you love your child enough to let them carry on living with you well into their late teens and even early twenties, you may have to be there to hold their hands when their wisdom teeth make a cameo appearance. Then you can finally kick them out onto the streets on London SE1!!


Tackling a Dry Socket in South East London

Your mouth is constantly under threat in south east London from different bacteria and conditions, and they never seem to end either. But you have to remember the body is complicated, as well as being delicate, but it is also resilient and clever too and after any trauma or accident, it will try to heal itself. A good example of this is how it fights to overcome the extraction of a tooth: a blood clot will form and help to fuse the gums to complete the healing. But the body is fallible too and it will only recover from this if you are willing to help out as well. But if after post extraction, you continue to smoke or are clumsy when you eat or brush your teeth, the clot will fall out and leave the bone below exposed. This is where you can suffer from a dry socket and you’ll know damn well the damage you have caused because the pain will be excruciating. In this instance, you are going to be taking a lot of painkillers for the next week, but more importantly, you need to get help from your dentist as this type of wound needs dressing carefully each day in order for it to heal. What’s also dangerous about a dry socket is that the wound will be extremely vulnerable to infection, so throughout the healing period, you will need to use a medicated mouth-wash to prevent the build up of bacteria near the wound.


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