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Archives for September, 2012

Bleaching your Teeth beautiful in London SE1

Thanks to TV make-over programmes, there has been a large surge in people who want to get their teeth whitened,: beautiful teeth are everywhere, in magazines, on posters, in shops and in the movies too, and now the general public have decided that they want a piece of the action as well- and why not, for it’s never been easier to get that Hollywood look by teeth bleaching. The only problem is just how to go about it, as there are so many options to choose from in London SE1. Well, for starters, you can try the best by going to your dentist and asking about Zoom and Enlighten. With Zoom, you’ll be in and out in an hour after three quick blasts and for around £100, it’s a bargain. Enlighten is probably the most comprehensive and perfect treatment- and involves the dentist making up the bleaching trays and then you doing the rest at home. On the subject of doing things at home though, this has become big business. In the shops today you can buy great DIY bleaching kits, toothpastes, touch-up pens and bleaching strips that will have you smiling with confidence again before you know it.


The greatness of Dental Implants in South East London

Tooth loss can be a scary moment in your life, but if you sit down with your dentist in south east London and look at the alternatives, you might be pleasantly surprised to discover that replacing the tooth, or teeth, isn’t as difficult as you might have imagined- especially if you have a dental implant fitted. These small titanium rods are screwed into your jawbone and act as the new root for the tooth. These implants can be placed easily using computer technology and lasers. A laser does very little damage to your gums and jawbone and so, you recover from this intrusive foreigner very quickly. Once your mouth has healed, the crown can be attached onto the spike and you have a shiny new tooth- you wouldn’t even notice the difference. However, a dental implant displays more advantages for you than your original tooth ever could. It is almost totally resistant to disease and once in, you will never have to replace it as it’s there for life. The implant can also be used if you opt for a dental bridge, as it anchors it securely to the gums, which ironically it does for anyone wearing dentures. The sudden burst onto the scene by this flexible little treatment is because it has been made easy to do by dentists due to the advances in technology. So as a patient, it has become widely available and hence cheap as well.


The fight against Bad Breath in London SE1

Bad breath is not a good condition to suffer from in London SE1: not only will you find your social circle diminishing rapidly and being overlooked for promotion at work time and time again, but it also indicates that something, somewhere in your body, is going terribly wrong. The thing is though, unless you have had it subtly pointed out by a friend, you may well be blissfully ignorant of the fact that you are suffering from it and this is dangerous, as what’s causing it will be getting worse by the day. It could be that the problem is coming from deep within and if after trying everything you possibly can, and the condition continues, you may have to get a proper look at it from your doctor. Normally, it would emanate from something in your mouth: tooth decay and gum disease being just two of the causes. However, you need to get your dentist on board to check for problems such as this and then fix you up. But the essential problem is likely to have been caused by you, your lifestyle and your diet. In order to fight bad breath, you must change your oral hygiene completely, incorporating herbal remedies as well, so that your mouth is fresh every day. Chewing gum and sucking on sugar-free sweets will also help to maintain the saliva levels in your mouth- the natural deterrent in the battle against bacteria. Bad breath can be beaten, but you and your dentist will have to put a lot of work in to do it.


Find out more about dental bridges from London SE1 dentist.

Missing teeth and large gaps can sap away your self-esteem and morale. Your London SE1 dentist will be able to give you back your confidence through install dental bridges into the gap. Bridges look and feel real and return full function back to your mouth. Dental bridges are a secure and durable solution for one or two missing teeth. For larger numbers of missing teeth your dentist may recommend dental implants, dentures or other solutions.

The structure of dental bridges means that they need at least one strong, healthy tooth adjacent on which to anchor the bridge. When a single tooth is missing the standard procedure for dental bridges is to file down the healthy teeth on either side so as to allow crowns to be securely placed on top. The two crowns are then permanently bonded on either side of a false tooth. Once the crowns have been secured into place the false tooth is firmly held into place by the adjacent teeth. This structure creates a very firm and secure form which is durable and long lasting. If there are not adjacent healthy teeth on both sides, or you do not wish your teeth to be filled down, there is an alternative form of bridge which uses tiny metal prongs to bond on to a single adjacent tooth.

The crowns and false tooth of a dental bridge are normally covered in a layer of porcelain. This material is hard and natural-looking, and will blend in with the rest of your teeth. The procedure will take several visits to the dentist. They will need to form moulds and adjust the fitting to make sure it is perfectly sized for your teeth. But once complete you will feel like you have a full set of teeth, without the need of implants or the maintenance needs of dentures.


South East London dentist discusses Zoom teeth whitening.

Over time our teeth manage to collect a lot of stains and discolouration. While products like wine and coffee are particularly bad for leaving stains on teeth, everything we eat has the possibility of discolouring our teeth to some degree. Regular brushing and flossing will also keep your teeth whiter for longer. But eventually all teeth begin to lose their white sparkle. Zoom teeth whitening gel is a new product that can help return your teeth to the bright, white shine they once had.

The procedure can be done at your South East London dental practice and is a bleaching process that removes all manner of stains from the enamel and dentin of your teeth. Unlike some other whitening treatments, Zoom offers results very quickly, making it especially helpful for people with little time to spare. The change in colour tone can be up to 10 shades brighter.

During the procedure, for safety, your lips and gums will be covered so only your teeth are exposed. The Zoom gel is applied by the dentist to your teeth. A specially designed Zoom power lamp is then turned on and aimed directly at the gel. The lamp heats the gel to specific temperatures to activate the gel. When activated the bleaching can penetrate the enamel and deeply colour the tooth. The lamp must remain in place for just under an hour. After this time you will already have a brighter, whiter smile.


London SE1 dentist can recognise oral cancer symptoms.

As with any cancer, oral cancer is a life threatening condition which needs to detected and treated as soon as it appears. Although everyone is at risk of oral cancer, it is especially of concern for smokers and users of chewing tobacco, 75% of UK cases being due to tobacco in some form. Alcohol also increases the chances of developing oral cancer and can lead to many other issues relating to your oral and bodily health. The rise in rates of the sexually transmitted infection human papillomavirus (HPV) have been linked with increased rates of oral cancer in the last decade. It is important to be aware of all these factors.

The sign of oral cancer is often mistaken for a mouth ulcer that does not heal. If you are unsure about any symptoms your London SE1 dentist will be able to do a full check up and inspect any suspicious areas of the mouth. Oral cancer does not directly affect teeth but all the soft tissue in your mouth (gums, tongue, lining) are all vulnerable to oral cancer. Using a small mirror, your dentist is able to inspect every part of your mouth that would normally not be possible to view. If they find anything that needs further inspection they are able to refer you to a cancer specialist who will be able to run further tests.

If your dentist is able to spot the beginnings of oral cancer at an early stage, modern therapies are now very effective at treating it. Do not delay if you have any concerns, visit your dentist for an inspection. The best method is of course prevention. Not smoking, moderating your drinking and wearing protection during sexual activity (including oral sex) will all help to greatly decrease carcinogenic influences.


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