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Archives for August, 2012

Enjoy rugby? Boxing? Contact sports? Contact your South East London dentist about mouth guards.

When playing full contact sports such as rugby or boxing it is essential to consider your dental health. Mouth guards are an easy way to protect your teeth against that stray elbow or boot which risks knocking out a tooth or two. Relatively cheap and very easy to use mouth guards offer a shield against physical injury.

Mouth guards generally rubber, sometimes plastic, and should be worn whenever there is a risk of physical damage to your teeth. Whether custom designed or loosely moulded, the mouth guard should fit your specific set of teeth. A cheap mouth guard can be immersive in boiling water briefly before inserted into the mouth and bitten on for several minutes (once it has cooled slightly). The rubber will mould itself to the shape of your teeth and will maintain that shape once cooled.

Your South East London dentist recommends having a custom-made mouth guard fitted to your exact specifications. Although these are more expensive, compared to emergence dental work they are well worth the money. Custom-made mouth guards offer fuller protection that can help beyond just the teeth by supporting the jaw and neck from strong contact. Like any sports equipment it will be necessary to replace your mouth guard on occasion as it wears down. Life spans can be extended by thoroughly washing and maintaining the guard between uses.

Mouth guards come in a huge range of colours. Your dentist will be able to show you the full range of possibilities. Mouth guards are, of course, not full proof and it is necessary to still look out for your teeth as much as possible when playing contact sports but they will provide an extra line of defence.


London SE1 dentist can say if mini implants are right for you.

Dental implants have been become a common feature of dentistry. With a titanium rod they are screwed directly into the jaw bone where they are anchored in order to create a very secure point on which to attach one or more false teeth. But the implanting of dental implants is a fairly major operation and can be expensive. New forms of smaller implants, mini implants, have been developed as easier alternatives to the traditional form.

As the name suggests, mini implants are a smaller version of dental implants and also made of titanium. With a diameter of between 1.8m and 2.9mm the insertion of the mini implants is much less invasive. Due to this ease, they are sometime used as temporary implants, also known as ‘temporary anchorage devices’. Healing times for mini implants will is much less. Specially older patients may find mini implants more suitable because they can be secured more easily to the jaw bone.

The procedure to insert mini implants is relatively quick and easy, normally under a local anaesthetic. A small hole is made in the soft tissue of the gum into which the mini implant can be inserted. But unlike standard implants there is no incision into the gums beyond this minor process.

It is important to find the solution to your dental needs which is specifically right for you. Each of has a different set of teeth and you need a product that will be suitable for your functional needs and cosmetic desires. Your London SE1 dentist will be able to say which form of implant would best suit your individual needs.


Get straight teeth with Invisalign from your South East London dentist.

For many years permanently affixed metal braces have been the most effective way to realign crooked teeth. While these are effective in many respects, it is often felt by patients that these can be unsightly and diminish their self-esteem, making them nervous to even smile. Being permanently fixed into place also meant that any alterations to the plan required a significant procedure of removal and adjustment.

A new alternative to braces has been developed and patented which deals with both of these issues. Invisalign are an invisible and removable retainer that is capable of reshaping your teeth to be straight, strong and beautiful. Your South East London dentist will take an impression, xray and photograph of your teeth from which Invisalign shape the perfect design specific for the individual shape of your teeth and gums. Using a clear plastic, a series of Invisaligns will be created. Each one in turn gradually aligns the teeth into the correct position, normally you will begin using a new set every two weeks. It is necessary to wear the Invisalign at least 22 hours a day, they should be removed for cleaning and eating.

Unlike metal bracers, because of the transparent material of Invisalign even when worn throughout the day people will not notice them. They are especially designed to fit the contours of your teeth and will be almost invisible. While they may provide some additional protection to your teeth this is not their primary purpose, and so it is as essential to maintain a good dental routine, with brushing and floss regularly.


Ask your London SE1 dentist is Inman aligners can help you.

Many people suffer from crooked teeth. While some are born with it, others suffer dental injuries that can change and alter the shape of your teeth. Left unaddressed, crooked teeth can continue to get worse over time. With usage, whether eat, drinking or talking, the crooked teeth will be pressured in different directions, gradually worsening the problem over the years. It is important to address the issue as soon as possible. Your London SE1 dentist suggests Inman aligners as a possible solution that is relatively quick and easy and does not involve extensive surgery or years of maintain braces.

Your dentist will be able to professionally fit a set of removable Inman aligner which gently, but firmly, shift your teeth back into the correct direction, making a set of beautifully aligned front teeth in as little as a week. Since they are easily removable you can take them out to clean them, when you need to eat or when attending social events. Unlike some bracers, it is not necessary to have them permanently attached to your teeth for a long period of time.

Using tiny nickel titanium springs at the back and a wire running along the front, Inman aligners will keep continuous pressure on your front teeth (both top and bottom) to move them back into the correct position and orientation. The only side effects should be mild and last a few days as you adjust to wearing the product initially. Beyond the first few days you will most likely forget you are even wearing it.


How can Lumineers help you? Talk with your South East London dentist.

Veneers, traditionally made of porcelain, have been around for a long time. Veneers are placed over the front of your teeth to straighten, restore a bright white colour, and protect the surface of the teeth from further damage. They procedure has been shown to be very effective for both medical and cosmetic purposes. The procedure involves the removal of a thin layer of enamel from the teeth before the veneers can be bonded to the surface. Unfortunately this means that the process is irreversible. Although veneers can be replaced when necessary, the underlying tooth cannot be restored to its original state.

But new developments in veneers have created Lumineers, although they are still made of porcelain they are a patented cerinate porcelain which is much stronger than traditional variants. With the increased strength it is possible to make the veneers thinner than ever, making application and care much easier. With Lumineers it is no longer necessary to remove any enamel from the original tooth. Your teeth will stay in their natural state. The thinness of the Lumineers means that they can be placed directly on to the surface of the tooth without causing any irritation or noticeable change in the shape or size of the tooth.

Modern dentistry has a huge array of options when it comes to straigten, whitening and protecting your teeth. Since every person’s teeth are unique you should speak to your South East London dentist about whether Lumineers are the right option for you.


London SE1 dentist recommends Enlighten tooth whitening for a bright smile.

Every year more and more people are opting to try teeth whitening. As our diets are generally getting more acidic, with the consumption of fizzy drinks and juice for instance, the white enamel of our teeth is getting eroded away. Also any coffee, wine and other food and drinks that we are consuming are slowly staining our teeth over the years. To restore your self-esteem and confidence in your bright, white smile ask your London SE1 dentist about the possibilities of Enlighten tooth whitening.

While there are several tooth whitening methods and products out there, some more effective than others, Enlighten has developed a cutting edge new system for effectively restoring the clean, smooth white of your natural teeth. Enlighten products are available for home application or by your dentist, it is recommended you speak to your dentist about which would be most effective for you.

Since every person has a unique set of teeth, whitening products often struggle to create and maintain the consistent and specific white colouring is right for you. Enlightening is able to offer ten shades of white to perfectly match the shade you need. Depending on the level of discolouration the Enlighten products come in different strength levels. For only mild discolouration the home process, taking about 4 weeks, will likely provide the desired results. The higher discolouration of the teeth the higher then strength that is necessary. If you want to get fully bright, white you should visit your dentist to have the highest strength applied in the office. The product will keep beautiful white for around 3 years, after which a re-application is very straightforward.


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