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Archives for May, 2012

Beautiful White Fillings in London SE1

There are a lot of cosmetic trends going through dentistry in London SE1 right now all designed at giving you the most best, natural looking teeth possible and among all the options within the make-over, you will find white fillings. Sadly, the old, dull looking amalgam fillings, it seems, have had their day and have had to give way to the trendier upstarts. These fillings are generally made from resin, glass particles or composite porcelain but it is because they are white or can be made to fit in with the rest of your teeth colour-wise, they give the whole of the mouth a more natural look and feel. However, they do come with their faults, aside from looking beautiful, white fillings are a lot more fragile that amalgam ones and tend to need replacing more often. They are also pretty useless in areas of the mouth that suffer a lot of chewing forces and they tend to break a lot quicker, they also have the habit of falling out more often because they tend to shrink. But then that is not the essential ethics behind having them done; if you are going to have a make-over, then you go the whole way to look beautiful and that involves the fillings as well. If you have any questions about such fillings, you should consult your dentist beforehand.


The work of a Hygienist in South East London

Behind every good dentist in south east London, you will find an equally ‘hot’ hygienist ready to spring into action and look after you. The work done directly concerns the oral hygiene of the patient from all angles this will begin with patient assessment which will involve medical history and a full oral probing and x-rays to ascertain any problems that need to be addressed and once any diagnosis has been made, an plan will be drawn and then put into practise for treatment. This will involve such activities as deep cleaning by scaling and root planning, the placement of dental sealants and the applying of fluoride to the teeth. But among the many talents that hygienists have, the most important one is the ability to plan ahead and ensure that you are giving your teeth and gums the best chances in life. Each patient is different so this advice will be tailored to the individual based on what the hygienist has evaluated during the treatment. They will advise on dietary issues, cleaning techniques and the use of herbal remedies in your everyday regime; no stone is left unturned by the hygienist and this can only be good for long-term health of you and your mouth.


Opting for an Amalgam Filling in London SE1

If ever you had a filling when you were young, the chances are you would have had an amalgam filling. Now these have been hanging around London SE1 for donkey’s years and were one of the first forms of fillings ever designed- that was because they were easy and cheap to make and to prove how good they are, variants are still being used today- or are they that good? They do have incredible longevity compared to their opposition and can withstand a lot of forces going through them but there are rumbling to phase them out altogether, in fact, in some Scandinavian countries they are banned and that is because among the metals used in amalgam, one of them is the highly toxic mercury and it can start to alter for the worst as it ages. Another reason why they are becoming a little more unpopular is fashion; cosmetic dentistry is huge right now with the emphasis of looking the best you can which means out with the dull grey amalgams and in with the white, natural looking composite based fillings or resin ones- some prefer gold. Other than gold though, these fillings are weak and fragile compared to composite and resin, they are also advised against at the back of the mouth where there is a lot of chewing and biting- they also tend to shrink as well. People like to scaremonger and throw away the good things history has given us in a whim; no-one has died from having an amalgam filling and probably no-one ever will. If you have doubts however, you should talk to your dentist about the issues that surround amalgam.


Getting your gums contoured in South East London is easier than you would think

Gum contouring is used to treat gummy smiles. A gummy smile is the name given when a person has an outsized amount of gum covering their teeth. It often makes the teeth look short and small and this can make people feel that their smile in unattractive, which may have an effect on their self-confidence and cause them to feel uneasy when they smile in public.

What does the process involve?

Gum contouring, also known as reshaping, is carried out to enhance the aesthetic of the smile. Tiny pieces of gum tissue are removed during contouring, making more of the tooth structure visible when you smile. The procedure is carried out using either a scalpel or laser technology. The gums are numbed first to prevent pain and then your dentist will carefully re-shape the gums and remove gum tissue to generate a more even, aesthetically pleasing smile.

Traditionally, a scalpel was used to remove gum tissue, but laser treatment is becoming increasingly commonplace in modern dentistry. Lasers are preferable because they reduce healing time, decrease the risk of infection and increase accuracy. There is also less risk of damage to the surrounding tissue and many patients feel more at ease with the prospect of having laser treatment, rather than treatment involving a scalpel.

What are the advantages of gum contouring?

Gum contouring may sound rather scary, but it is actually very safe and simple and it can have a massive impact on a smile’s appearance and the patient’s confidence. Gum contouring makes more of the teeth visible, which creates a more even and balanced smile. If you would like to learn more about gum contouring in South East London, contact your dentist.


Empress veneers are creating beautiful smiles in London SE1

Empress veneers are custom-made, durable porcelain veneers, which contain a large amount of Lucite. Veneers are very thin shells of laminated ceramic material, which are shaped and coloured like natural teeth and are applied over the top of the natural teeth to create a beautiful smile.

What is different about Empress veneers?

Empress veneers are different to traditional veneers because they last a lot longer. This is because they contain a larger amount of Lucite, a substance which makes them extremely strong and durable. Typically, Empress veneers are between 3 and 6 times stronger than other types of veneer.

Why would I consider having veneers?

Very few people have perfect teeth and if you often find yourself looking through magazines and wishing you had a perfect dazzling smile similar to the Hollywood A-listers, veneers may be the solution. Veneers are a very effective treatment, which can create a flawless result and can transform even the most unsightly teeth. Veneers can be used to address problems such as:

• staining and discolouration

• poorly aligned teeth

• gaps between the teeth

• chipped and worn teeth

• cracked teeth

What does it involve?

In order to make room for veneers, the teeth must first be prepared by your London SE1 dentist, which involves tiny pieces of the tooth surface being removed. The preparation stage is carried out under local anaesthetic to prevent pain and discomfort. Once the teeth have been prepared, impressions of the teeth will be taken and used as a template to fabricate the new veneers. The custom-made veneers will then be returned to the dentist and they can be fitted and fixed into position.


Teeth contouring in South East London can markedly improve smiles

Tooth contouring is a simple and safe means of improving the look of the smile. Tooth contouring involves removing very tiny pieces of surface enamel to smooth the teeth, fill in chips and surface pits and create a more balanced, attractive smile.

Tooth contouring is beneficial for people who are worried about flaws in their teeth and if you find yourself constantly focusing on a chip or an uneven edge, for example, this treatment may be an ideal solution.

What are the benefits of tooth contouring?

Tooth contouring is a straight-forward, safe and effective treatment, which can be used to address small flaws in the smile. Tooth contouring is effective for patients who have small chips, uneven tooth surfaces, pits in the tooth surfaces and worn teeth. The procedure is relatively simple, but it can make a massive difference to a patient’s smile, as well as their confidence and self-esteem. In addition to aesthetic benefits, tooth contouring can also have positive implications for oral health, as the teeth are often easier to clean once they have been smoothed and pits have been filled in.

What does the procedure involve?

Tooth contouring involves removing surface enamel and shaping the teeth to create a more even, attractive smile. Your dentist will smooth out rough and worn edges, fill in chips and re-shape uneven teeth to produce a better aesthetic. The length of the procedure depends on the amount of work being done, but in most cases, treatment is complete within the hour. Dentists usually take a ‘before’ photograph so you can point out the flaws you want to address and see the difference in the ‘after’ shot. If you want to find out more about tooth contouring in South East London, ask your dentist.


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