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Archives for April, 2012

White fillings in London SE1 cosmetically enhance patients’ smiles

White fillings are a restoration made from composite material, which is designed to strengthen the tooth and prevent further damage caused by decay. White fillings unify with the natural colour of the teeth, so that the filling is invisible when you smile. Fillings are very common and more than half of adults in the UK have at least one filling.

What are the advantages of white fillings?

The major selling-point of the white filling in London SE1 is the aesthetic appeal. White fillings cannot be seen when you smile because the filling is matched to the colour of the natural teeth. Surveys and polls consistently show that the majority of people consider their smile their most important physical feature and it is no surprise that most people would have a preference for white fillings rather than a metal amalgam filling, which is highly visible.

Are there any drawbacks?

White fillings are very popular due to aesthetic reasons, but they are not always the best treatment option. If you have a cavity in one of your molars, for example, you may be advised to have an amalgam filling, as they are more durable and the molars are required to handle a lot of pressure due to their role in the breakdown of food. White filings are also more expensive than amalgam fillings.

What does the white filling procedure involve?

The procedure to fit a filling is relatively straightforward. First the affected tooth is numbed prior to the procedure to prevent any pain and then the decayed tissue is removed. Once the infected tooth tissue has been removed, the tooth will be cleaned thoroughly before filling material is poured into the cavity. An intensive light bean is then used to set the material and the filling is then finally trimmed to ensure it fits the cavity perfectly. If you are nervous about having injections or dental treatment, talk to your dentist, as they will be able to take steps to make you feel more comfortable and relaxed during the procedure


A dental hygienist in South East London can aid the health of your smile

A dental hygienist is adept in the prevention and treatment of oral health problems. Most oral health diseases are a result of a build-up of bacteria in the mouth and oral hygiene treatments can help to prevent plaque and tartar development and subsequently keep oral diseases at bay. Dentists are most often associated with treating developing and existing problems, while hygienists are focused on the prevention of diseases and infections.

Why would I need to see a hygienist?

There are many reasons why you may wish to see a dental hygienist. Hygienists offer intensive cleaning treatments, which are much more effective than brushing and many people enjoy the feeling of a deep clean, as it makes the mouth feel fresh and the teeth look and feel smooth and glossy. You may be advised to see a hygienist if you have plaque or tartar, you are prone to decay or you suffer from bad breath. Hygienists can also play an important role in treating gum disease.

Hygienists often provide preventive treatments for children, who may be advised to have fluoride varnish treatments or sealants to reduce the risk of decay.

What services does a hygienist offer?

Hygienists offer a range of services, including:

• Bad breath clinics

• Fluoride varnish treatment.

• Sealants

• Scale and polish

• Oral hygiene advice (including oral hygiene instruction and advice about oral hygiene products).

• Gum disease prevention and treatment.

• Advice about healthy eating, giving up smoking and other lifestyle factors associated with oral health.

• Tooth polishing to prevent staining.

Finding a hygienist

Hygienists predominantly work in dental practices. Ask your dentist about the dental hygiene services available at a South East London dental practice.


Amalgam fillings in London SE1 are improving smiles for the better

Fillings are a type of restoration, which are used to strengthen teeth that have been affected by decay and to fill cavities or small holes in the tooth. Fillings can help to prevent further damage to the tooth. Amalgam fillings are made from a combination of metals, which may include tin, mercury, silver and copper. In the past, amalgam fillings used to be used to fill almost all cavities, but white fillings have become increasingly popular, as they are a more aesthetically pleasing option.

What are the benefits of amalgam fillings?

Amalgam fillings are very strong and durable, which usually last longer than white fillings. Amalgam fillings are often recommended for the molars, as these teeth are required to withstand a great deal of pressure as a result of grinding and chewing food.

What are the disadvantages of amalgam fillings?

The major drawback of amalgam fillings is that they are clearly visible when you open your mouth. White fillings are designed to blend in with the natural teeth, but amalgam fillings are made of metal, which is clearly visible against the natural teeth. Some people also have concerns about the safety of mercury amalgam fillings and their impact on the environment.

Which type of filling should I choose?

The type of filling you choose may depend on the size and location of the cavity. If you have a damaged molar tooth, an amalgam filling may be recommended because it will last longer and withstand more pressure. In contrast, if the cavity is located in one of the front teeth, which are clearly visible when you smile, you may prefer to have a white filling for aesthetic reasons. Your budget may also affect the filling you choose and white fillings are not usually available on the NHS. If you have any question about amalgam fillings or white fillings in London SE1, contact your dentist.


The war against Oral Cancer in South East London

So how has your mouth been feeling of late? Sounds a strange question because if you have any problems, you’d get them checked out right? Well make sure you do at the first sign of things like ulcers, sore throats or lumps, because these are attributed to the onset of oral cancer and you should know that this is on the increase in south east London. Any sign of a problem, then get down to the dentists for a thorough check-up and don’t take no for an answer either, because this is your life we are talking about and an early diagnosis of the disease is the key to beating it. You should demand a series of tests if you are worried that will ascertain any signs of the disease, and, at what level it has reached. If the tests are positive, then this will govern the type of treatment you will need. Yes, it’s a very traumatic period and can put the fear of life into you and so you should pull out all the stops you can and get everyone you can on your side as back-up, from medical support to that of your friends and family. Take heart from the fact that the positive results from treatments in the area have grown, but you may also like to take a good hard look at your lifestyle afterwards to stop the chances of the disease coming back, which was probably the reason you found yourself in this position in the first place.

Minding the Gap with a Dental Bridge in London SE1

When you are in the throws of tooth loss in London SE1, the idea of any treatment afterwards may sound anything other than glorious, but when you see the gap finally filled, you may well think differently. Dental bridges have been around for ages but that’s for a very good reason- they are brilliant and that fact alone means that they work superbly for anyone suffering from tooth loss. The procedure is very simple; first, your dentist will ascertain where your tooth has been lost and then come up with the type of bridge you need. If you have lost a tooth at the back of the mouth, you will require a cantilever bridge- one that can be bonded onto an adjacent tooth using wires and resin. The most common however is replacing a tooth among a line of other teeth- the Maryland. This involves a fitting where the new tooth is bonded to two crowns that are then cemented over the adjacent teeth either side of the gap. The beauty about this treatment, other than the vanity issues, is that replacing the tooth keeps the health of your mouth on track and prevents any further issues such as infection and movement in the remaining teeth from happening. Sure, they take extra vigilance when cleaning your teeth, but boy, it really is worth it in the long run.

Getting your Teeth Gleaming White with Zoom in South East London

Who hasn’t sat down and watched TV at home in south east London, of an evening, and thought- how do those people get their teeth so white? Well it’s quite simple really, they have had their teeth whitened with one of the fashionably best treatments on the market right now- Zoom teeth whitening. The irony is, if you are a telly addict, you may well have seen it on some of the popular make-over programmes. It’s simple to have done and cheap to boot as well. If you fancy having that glamour look to your smile too, the first thing you should do is get down to your dentist and ask about it. Your dentist will then check for any signs of gum disease and if you get the all-clear, you will be booked in for a session. When you are in the chair, your dentist will put protection over your lips and gums and then cover your teeth with a bleaching agent. Then, a heat lamp will be fired at your teeth so that they absorb the bleach; this will be followed by two of the same and then you will set free smiling. Of course, there are ten shades that your teeth can be whitened to so this will govern how long you are in the chair for and this choice is down to you. But there is no illusion about the outcome, that’s for sure: your teeth will look immaculate- just like the people you have been watching on TV!

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