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Archives for March, 2012

Immaculate Invisalign in South east London

So you beautiful people of south east London with the not so beautiful teeth, how do you fancy getting your teeth looking fabulous quickly and with the utmost discretion, discretion to the point that no-one would realise that you are wearing some form of brace at all? You do? Well then, listen up because there is a device on the market right now that is the answer to all of your dreams- Invisalign, oh yes, this is the device that defies belief. Once you get measured up for it, the images taken from your mouth are sent off so that you can have a series of aligners made, which you change as your treatment progresses. The thing is, they are made from transparent plastic, so they are virtually invisible when they are in the mouth- now that’s got to be the best reason of all to go for this in the first place. But it only gets better; this aligner can be removed when you choose which means unlike traditional braces, you don’t have to worry about food getting clogged up inside your device and your mouth- you simply take it out to eat and then clean your teeth afterwards as normal, before popping it back in. oh, and as long as you wear it for at least 20-22 hours a day, your treatment will be over and done with before others around you which is rather ironic really, seeing as those others wouldn’t know you were wearing it in the first place!

The Great Mini-implant in London SE1

When dental implants were first invented many years ago, no-one then quite knew just how versatile they would become and how remarkable their impact would be in modern dental procedures. And what is even stranger in modern years out of all this implant work, the use of mini-implants, which were originally designed to pave the way for their bigger siblings, have now come into their own. The advance of technology has seen the treatment times of implant fitting fall dramatically, to the extent that a mini can be fitted in around ten minutes! Lasers and computers have made this treatment a precise science/art-form. The beautiful result is that mini-implants have found their own niche in the world of dentistry; firstly, they can provide the foundations for the replacement of smaller teeth in the mouth and help to hold in dental bridges that stretch over one or more teeth. But their uniqueness has been applauded by people that have to wear dentures around London SE1. With the placement of half a dozen minis in the jaw enables a customised denture to simply click onto to them and enable the wearer to retain the denture in the mouth like never before. The mini-implant, by nature, is also remarkably cheaper than the larger version so if you are one of the unlucky people that fits the bill, this could be the answer to all of your woes.

Avoiding damage with a Mouth-guard in South East London

There are a growing number of us that love to let off the pressures of the day in south east London by jumping into an activity or two after a hard day a work. If you do embrace doing something sporty, you will probably be aware of the importance of wearing a mouth-guard because it can help to protect many aspects around the mouth, the head and the neck and help you to avoid serious injury and hefty dental bills. They are easy to buy as well, but you should make sure you tailor them to suit the sport that you are involved in, but there are many other uses of mouth-guards as well outside of sport. If you are suffering from the problem of grinding your teeth, a custom made mouth-guard can help to protect your teeth from damage; it won’t solve the problem behind your grinding, but it will prevent you from financing the repairs to your teeth. The other use of the mouth-guard/ gum-shield comes in the shape of an aligner used in the treatment of teeth aligning. Once this has been wrapped around the teeth, it will pull them into place with the minimal of fuss.

The rise and fall of Oral Cancer in London SE1

Many professional dentists in London SE1 would attribute the problem of oral cancer to lifestyle and diet- smoking, drinking and fast foods. But to be fair, there are those walking among us that do these things all of their lives without an issue at all, which rather suggests that although it is wise to limit these excesses in life, no-one really can pinpoint the reasons behind the disease- but there is no mistaking the signs of it. Everyone knows when something is going wrong in there mouth; it can range from repetitive sores, sore throats, recurring lumps to ear and jaw aches, but if there is anything wrong at all, the best remedy is to get a diagnosis done as soon as possible. You will have some blood tests and an analysis of skin tissue done to find out if there is a problem and this will be sent off for testing. If the worst case scenario comes back and you show signs of the disease, you will then have to have immediate treatment. The thing about this disease is that although it remains prevalent in society, which rather comes back to the lifestyle issues, the successes in the treatment have also soared. It is never an easy fight to go through and one that you need to embrace all of the support you can get, but it isn’t the end of the world, as the stigma of cancer has started to fade and with the right attitude, oral cancer is beatable.

Building a Bridge over the Gap in South East London

Tooth loss is always damaging both from a psychological aspect and a vanity one, but that is no reason at all to accept it and feel that it is just down to youthful exuberance or old age. However you have lost your teeth in south east London, you should really consider getting it rectified as soon as possible and there is no better way than having a dental bridge fitted; it will not only enhance your smile, but it will also keep your teeth and gums healthy in the long run. It is a very versatile treatment that has proved itself for decades and one of the more cheaper options as well. There are a few types of bridges available to choose from but as a patient, you should confer with your dentist as to the best option to go for, as their design is governed by where in the mouth the tooth/teeth have been lost. Once you have been fitted, you need to be more attentive to how you clean your teeth, as cleaning around a bridge can be quite tricky at first but if you persevere, your bridge will serve you for years to come and after a while, they will feel part of your oral family.

Classic ways for Teeth Whitening in London SE1

So, your teeth have become a tad aged over the years in London SE1 and they have lost a bit of their youthfulness- so how do you rectify this? Whitening your teeth is the first option to look at because it is the easiest way to put the glamour back into your mouth. You first need to ensure that your gums and teeth are in good condition with your dentist before you embark on this trip, otherwise, you may incur further damage and once you are in the clear, then you can look at your options. Starting at the basics, you can buy an incredible range of products from the shops to whiten your teeth with at home- from toothpaste to bleaching trays. This will however upset your dentists because not only does it give them a sense of redundancy, but if you go it alone, it is your dentist that has to pick up the pieces if it goes wrong. The best option is to combine both and with a treatment such as Enlighten Tooth Whitening, the dentist will set you up with the treatment and then monitor what you are doing at home. But to save you all of the hassle of doing it at home, laser whitening treatments are definitely the way forward. Within an hour, your teeth can be bleached at your dentists to a level of whiteness that you have always dreamed about. But the moral of the story here is to always confer with your dentists first before going it alone.

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