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Archives for January, 2012

Dry Mouths and Cavities in South East London

iStock_000002986202SmallThe mouth relies on saliva to form a natural defense against bacteria developing into plaque and tartar. To maintain this, you should strive for a high level of oral hygiene, a good diet and try to cut out, or at least, down on bad habits such as smoking. Because if you don’t, you are in serious danger of getting a dry mouth and it can lead to some pretty nasty situations such as trouble with your speech, difficulty in chewing and swallowing and bad breath- to name a few. But it can also lead to the development of cavities; it’s because of the lack of saliva to protect the surface of the teeth, and because bacteria flourishes, the gums can become diseased and tooth decay can set in. Acids in the foods cannot be broken down so easily without saliva and so they start to eat away at the teeth’s enamel and sooner or later, break into the tooth and then cavities start to form. And all of these things thrown into the mix can lead to periodontal disease and in the end, the loss of all of your teeth. A dry mouth needs to be rectified as soon as you start to experience any problems, and the only way to start doing this is to seek professional advice from your dentist. For some people, it can be a long road back to a healthy, hydrated mouth, but one you must take.

Riding the devil of Wisdom Tooth Pain in London SE1

3177562_blogYou were too young to remember when your teeth first came through in London SE1, but if you watch a baby crying when going through this period, you will get the idea roughly, of what you could be in for when your wisdom teeth start to surface. Okay, that is a slight exaggeration on the theme, but wisdom teeth can be extremely painful. They are also very unpredictable as they can grow in all directions and in some cases, the only way to stop the pain is to have them removed altogether. But if they are growing straight and true, you may only have to endure the time it takes for them to erupt, some people are lucky enough to have hardly any pain at all. Generally, painkillers are the best way of soothing the pain but there are other techniques as well. Clove oil rubbed onto the gums tends to cool the inflamed area down, while anesthetic gels can also sooth the pain. Ice packs on the cheeks also help during this time but you can also speed up the eruption by chewing on the affected area. If the pain is unbearable, however, and especially if it continues once the tooth has come through, you will need to seek professional advice from your dentist. It is a serious and possibly dangerous time so you need to be prepared for every eventuality to arise.

Fabulous Dental Implants in South East London

459343_blogHowever hard we try to look after our teeth in south east London, there is a certain inevitability that most of us will suffer from some form of tooth loss at some point in our lives, be it from injury or just the ageing process. But there are several reasons why teeth need to be replaced one way or the other- like how you feel psychologically, how you will look, but more importantly, for health reasons. Dentures and bridges have their uses, but for total freedom, the dental implant has become the treatment to go for. The boom of technology in dentistry has made all treatment prices competitive, especially with implants, that were once seen as very exclusive and expensive and now it is seen as a heaven sent, must-have for tooth loss. The use of lasers and computers has made the treatment fast and slim lined and multiple implants can be fitted in only a day. There is of course a cooling off period to allow the gums to heal, but once you are ready, you can have a full set of fresh new teeth put into place. They are as strong as your old teeth, less suceptible to disease and once they are in, they are with you to the end. If you are in the sad place of losing your teeth, chin up, be strong and trot off down to your dentists and ask about the dental implant.

Treating Tooth Decay in London SE1

585983_blogHow you treat tooth decay in London SE1 depends a lot on how bad the situation has got. First of all you need to know how to spot the problem and there are a few signs here that you can look for: if your teeth feel pain when you are chewing or when drinking hot or cold drinks are sure indications that you have a problem. Of course, if this is happening at home, then there is a pretty good chance you have been neglecting to visit your dentist regularly, because any signs of tooth decay would have been picked up on during your bi-annual check-up. When you feel these pains, it means that your decay is just about retrievable because you are at the junction of reversible pulpitis. It means that the decay has not yet found its way inside the tooth and the problem solved with a filling. It is only when the pulp in the tooth has become infected that the treatment becomes a little more complex. The pulp will need to be removed, as will the roots, then filled and crowned, if you have any chance of saving the tooth- even then, you have seriously halved the life of the tooth by allowing it to get to this stage. The best way to avoid all of this is to prevent it from ever occurring at the start, and there is no reason why between you and your dentist, tooth decay should ever get to dangerous levels.

Keeping your gums pretty in South East London

4732933_blogWhilst we are busy brushing away furiously at our teeth to keep them pretty and healthy, spare a thought for your gums, for they too need a little TLC too in south east London, if not, your teeth will fall out! Gum tissue is far softer that tooth enamel, so you should really think about that when buying a brush, and also learn how to use it with a good toothpaste as well. But when it comes to really caring for your gums, herbal remedies are excellent for this. Soaking your tooth brush and floss in tea tree oil first helps to take away any heat in the gums and then soothe them. Echinacea and Aloe Vera are excellent for massaging the gums after brushing and flossing as it rejuvenates the blood flow through the tiny veins; in some cases where gum disease has been present, such remedies have actually started to reverse the disease and should your gums start to bleed after brushing, table salt on the brush and in warm water to rinse with, stops the blood and heals the wounds. Finally, keeping up a healthy diet with lots of vitamins will not only strengthen your gums, but look after your heart and other vital organs in the long run.

Dentures in London SE1

4541412_blogOh dear, it has come to that time in your life in London SE1 when you need to be fitted with dentures, now what visions does that conjure up…plink-plink fizz sound familiar?  In truth, it is a serious scenario that conjures up many connotations, the first one is that you feel you are getting old, but if you don’t get dentures, your face will sag badly and you will look old as well as feeling it. For some people, dentures also signal the end of eating certain foods as well, like steak for instance. But dentures have seriously moved on from those horrible plastic days and moved into a more natural looking world and this is because the materials they are manufactured with have become softer and more natural looking; the soft palette of the dentures adhere firmly to the mouth whilst the teeth themselves can look as natural as the teeth you once had: it has been this move towards the needs and indeed the worries of wearers that has led to the improvement in denture technology. But the most significant improvement has come with the dental implant that has given tremendous freedom to those wearing dentures. Once five or six implants have been screwed into the jaw, the denture can be clicked onto them to hold it stronger than any denture has been held in before- now you can eat what you like and chew on rubber, if only to show off!

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