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Archives for October, 2011

The scourge of Oral Cancer in South East London

It is never going to be the easiest of days in south east London when you are rocked to the very foundations with the fact that you have been diagnosed with oral cancer- horrible. But there are quite a few facts that you should consider about this disease. Bashing your mouth up on a daily basis with a woeful diet and smoking and drinking is obviously going to take its toll on your immune system and if you start to feel you are having problems with your mouth and that things are going wrong- anything that you are not familiar with- then it is time for a check-up….pronto. You should never take risks with your health, but if you get in quick and have a few tests, then the sooner the problem is diagnosed and analyzed, the easier it is to treat and the quicker you will recover. It isn’t easy and you are going to have to prepare yourself for the greatest fight you have ever been in. But you can win through in the end and you should take heart from the fact that the success rates of overcoming oral cancer have risen dramatically. Be strong because by doing so, you can beat it.

Smiling with beautiful Veneers in London SE1

So, there comes a time to us all in London SE1- getting old and you have to start looking after yourself that little bit more in order to push back the advancing years. This is also true of how your teeth break down over the years with wear and tear, discoloration; they pick up little knocks here and there. But help is at hand because your dentist is on hand to make you smile proudly once more and after a little bit of preparation, can fit you with veneers that will transform your whole smile in a way you couldn’t imagine. Veneers look so fragile when you see them up close, yet once they glued onto the surface of your teeth, the results are remarkable and they will leave you bereft of words when you get the first chance to look at your reflection in a mirror- they are that good. The price of having one fitted can vary greatly from dentist to dentist, but  on average they start from around £200 and can take anywhere from a day to a month to fit- depending on how much of a hurry you are in, but one thing is for sure. If you have this treatment you will look unbelievable once they are in.

Your Child’s oral Health in South East London

Children are beautiful things and it can be the proudest day of your life when a stork flies one onto your doorstep in south east London- but you better strap yourself in for a turbulent ride and be prepared to look after your ‘little cherub’. As they grow it is just so important how you look after their health by how you feed them and it is also important how you look after their dental health as well. Every child is at risk from tooth decay the moment pop into the world so it is vital you have a game plan in your back pocket and enlist the practice of a fine pediatrician in the early days. All children go through such turmoil with their teeth up until their teenage years and then by this time, they should be able to care for themselves. You are going to have to nurse them through the teething period, then you are going to get them around their secondary teeth coming through- how you teach them to look after their teeth at this stage will stick with them forever. But you don’t get off that lightly, because then they may have to wear braces in their early teens. Then the icing on this dental cake is that you may have to watch them deal with their wisdom teeth as well. You had them and no one ever said it was going to be easy but look after the lovely little rascals, and they will, hopefully thank you for it later in life- that’s the plan.

Scaling and Polishing for healthy Teeth in London SE1

You always need to try to keep on top of things when it comes to dental care in London SE1 and it is very important that you keep up your appointments with your dentist to ensure that your teeth are always kept clean from plaque and tartar. You think you may be doing the best for your teeth, but in the end, your dentist will be the judge of that by what they do to you each time you turn up. They have a game plan and that is to ensure they do a few things to you that will look after your teeth when you get into their chair- and scaling and polishing are one of the first things that they will do. De-scaling your teeth is an important procedure as it helps to remove tartar from around the base of your teeth and prevent you from suffering from gum and periodontal disease that will inevitably lead you to start losing your teeth. They will also give your teeth a polish at the end of it to ensure that that your teeth look lovely and feel fresh when you leave- a simple procedure, and yet, so important to keep your teeth in good condition for the future.

Eating your way to a Healthy mouth in South East London

We try, don’t we to look after our mouths as best as we can in south east London. We see the ads and then we go out and buy the products in the hope that our teeth and gums remain at their best. But one important factor to look at as well is what food we are shoving into our mouths each day, because this can also impact on our teeth and gums. The greatest fiends that compact the build up of plaque and add to tooth decay are starch and sugars and if you love both, then you should work doubly hard to ensure that any residue of them is removed after you have enjoyed them. Starch based food breed bacteria very quickly where as sugar based ones attack the enamel on the teeth immediately. There is also another important factor as to why you should keep your diet in check- a good diet will help to keep your immune levels up and then ensure that you have a good saliva level in your mouth. A poor diet will devastate this and leave floundering with the possibility of gum disease. Your dentist can help here and if you have any worries about how you live your life when it comes to food, they can point you towards a nutritionist that can sit you down, talk to you and then get your diet back on track once again.

Brushing away the blues in London SE1

It’s a marvelous time to look after your teeth in London SE1 because there are products so brilliant on the market these days, you should really be able to look after your teeth forever. There are some dream toothbrushes on the shelves these days to cater for every mouth- especially some of the electric ones that will keep plaque out of your mouth eternally- and that is the real aim here. Plaque is the real problem behind more serious factors like disease and decay in the mouth, so ridding your mouth of it is so important. You can buy dyes these days that indicate such a problem, allowing you act accordingly. Setting yourself up with a dynamic toothpaste to go with your brush is also imperative as well- there are some fabulous ones around specifically aimed at dealing with the problem of plaque. Then you have dental flosses and mouth-washes as well. Of course it is important to ensure that you get the technique right too and here your dentist can help with any problems.

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