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Archives for September, 2011

Saving your teeth with Root Canal Treatment in London SE1

Some of the greatest problems that arise in the mouth in London SE1, as with anywhere in the world, is that of tooth decay. It’s a villain that never goes away and even our best efforts to avoid it can often fall on barren land. Thankfully however, we have our dentist to fall back on to bail us out of trouble. Deep decay in the tooth leads to the pulp and the roots becoming infected and in order to save the tooth completely, the tooth will require a root canal. Now, this treatment of removing roots from inside the tooth has always had a lot of bad press and out of it has come some very frightening tales. But, although folk-lore never seems to move on, modern dentistry has. Once the tooth has gone beyond the realms of a simple filling, the dentist will have to remove all of the rotten matter from deep inside the tooth; the pulp has to be removed and then the roots also in order to fill the restore the tooth to its former glory and at least, give it a further ten years of life. The older ways of doing this, were by using a drill that could leave the mouth very sore indeed for days afterwards, but the modern use of lasers, digital imaging and computers have radically changed this procedure to the point that the whole operation is no more painful than a filling. Once this has been done, the tooth will then require a crown to ensure that it can operate in a natural way inside the mouth.

Pretty Porcelain Crowns in South East London

Ok, we all take our eye off the ball in south east London at some point and that goes for how we look after our mouths in general and the one thing we all try to avoid is dental decay. Yet, on occasions, our teeth suffer from the abuse we put upon them and then we need to get them repaired. Tooth decay will always be a problem that needs to be sorted- and the longer we leave it, the more intricate the work becomes. At worst, to save a tooth from severe decay, the tooth will require a root canal and then a crown. However the beauty that is modern dentistry means that we can still keep our mouths looking pretty thanks to modern porcelain crowns- they restore the strength and longevity back to the tooth. Once the tooth has been repaired, and, depending where it is in the mouth, you then have a choice of crown to ensure you retain the beauty in your mouth. Porcelain crowns come in two forms: the first is a porcelain/metal combination that is very strong at taking the forces that comes with biting down when chewing food. The other is just pure porcelain, and as they are delicate, can be used for the more cosmetic areas at the front of the mouth. Either or, porcelain crowns are the perfect way to restore a natural look to the mouth after decay has set in.

Getting over Tooth loss with a Bridge in London SE!

Losing a tooth can be traumatic at the best of times in London SE1, but the complications that come with it afterwards can lead to a total breakdown in the mouth and affect the rest of the teeth that remain. Tooth loss can lead to infection in the mouth and further loss in the long run; one of the ways to counter this is to have a dental bridge fitted. Bridges have been around for decades and have proven themselves to be one of the cheapest and most affective ways of plugging the hole. Bridges come in various guises and what you require depends where the tooth has been lost. If a tooth has been lost at the back of the mouth, the bridge that will be fitted will consist of a series of wires and resin bonding to attach the new ‘tooth’ to the adjacent tooth that remains. If however, the tooth is lost amongst a line of others, the two surrounding teeth can be the housing for the new tooth. Essentially, the new tooth is cemented onto the adjacent teeth, pretty much like having a crown fitted. The point about dental bridges is that they are durable and can last you up to 15 years but they do come at a cost- your dental hygiene program has to change. Looking after your teeth after a bridge has been fitted is a bit of an art-form and to keep your teeth free from infection in the future requires attention to detail, especially when it comes to cleaning in and around the bridge. But help is always around in the shape of your dentist; they will be there to give you all the help and advice you need when it come to the after-care a bridge requires.

Tired of your stained teeth? Despair no more with Zoom teeth whitening from South East London dentists

Some teeth are more prone to staining than others and lifestyle plays a part too. If you smoke or drink sufficient quantities of things like red wine, cola or tea or coffee then you will be more likely to experience a process of staining occurring on your teeth. This can spoil the whole look of your face and leave you lacking in self confidence if you feel that you are not able to proudly show off your smile.

The Zoom teeth whitening method is a very effective way of returning your teeth to a state of whiteness of which you will be truly proud. Not only is it highly effective, it is also extremely fast too, meaning that the process is not something that will be difficult to fit into a busy life or work schedule.

The work of Zoom teeth whitening can be carried out in just forty five minutes. It is done in the dental surgery by your dentist so you will know that an expert is in charge. Like most tooth whitening treatments, your dentist will primarily be using teeth whitening gel that is closely applied to your teeth. This will remove any stains and begin to return your teeth to a brilliant shade of white. The advantage that Zoom teeth whitening has over home teeth whitening kits is that, besides the whitening gel, this method also involves subjecting your teeth to a special curing to light to ensure a brilliant finish.

Talk to your dentist in South East London about Zoom teeth whitening if you have decided that you want that stunning, bright smile of your youth back. It only needs to take three quarters of an hour.

London SE1 dentists are the first line of defence against oral cancer

Recognising the intimate access that dentists have to your mouth, they have now been trained so that they are able to spot the early signs of oral cancer. This is a welcome development because the condition can be fatal but actually has quite high survival rates if it is spotted as early as possible. Go and see your London SE1 dentist every six months, or as advised, so that the general health of your mouth can be monitored and oral cancer can be dealt with effectively should it occur.

The high risk categories of oral cancer are those who smoke tobacco and regularly drink to excess. Men are also more likely to develop the condition than women. You can look out for the signs yourself before or after you have brushed your teeth. Be alert for things such as hardened patches in your mouth which you can feel with your finger. These patches might also be discoloured and can sometimes be accompanied by the sudden loss of bodily weight.

If your dentist thinks that he or she has spotted any of these signs and is thusly concerned then you will be referred to a specialist oncologist where the appropriate measures will be taken. With any luck, you will stand a good chance of retaining your good health if an early diagnosis is possible as treatments are improving all the time. If you are in the higher risk group of oral cancer then think about your lifestyle choices and consider giving up smoking and cutting down your alcohol intake. Regular visits to your dentist are wholly advisable too so that oral cancer be given a swift diagnosis.

Worried about damaging your teeth? Get your South East London dentist to fit a mouth guard

You only get one set of natural teeth in your life time so it is best to take care of them as best you can. To this end, a mouth guard might be required in certain circumstances if you are participating in some activities and past-times. Cracking or chipping a tooth because it has been subject to an unforeseen impact can be a hassle to sort out and losing a tooth entirely will be even more so. Your South East London dentist can advise you about wearing a mouth guard to protect your mouth.

Mouth guards are commonly worn by those who play rugby, as well as other sports where physical injury is a risk, such as hockey, ice hockey, lacrosse and boxing. Several affordable types of mouth guard can be bought from sports shops but one should bear in mind that these offer the minimum level of protection possible with a mouth guard. If you are going to use one of these types of mouth guard, you should opt for a ‘boil and bite’ protector because these are slightly more tailored to the shape of your mouth.

Far and away the most comprehensive level of protection is given by mouth guards that are specially made by your dentist who will take moulds of your teeth in order to construct the guard. These protectors fit tightly to your teeth and therefore protect them well if an impact to the mouth is sustained. They can also be worn by patients who suffer from bruxism so that they are not wearing away the enamel from their teeth when they grind them together during sleep.

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