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Archives for August, 2011

Dentists in London SE1 tell patients how effective dental braces are at straightening teeth

Having a set of straightened out teeth means not only that your smile will look better but it can also benefit the health of your mouth. By having teeth which are too impacted or close together, it can be more difficult to adequately clean between them and plaque can build up and lead to cavities. A set of misaligned teeth can also cause patients to grind their teeth during their sleep.

If your smile is crooked then it will be a good idea to get it straightened out one way or another. There are a variety of different treatments available from most United Kingdom dentists these days but the most effective is still the traditional metal brace. Other products might be more discreet, even removable and boast shorter average treatment times, but dental braces is the only way to solve all alignment issues, including teeth rotation, in one fell swoop.

The way that braces work are through a system of metal brackets and wires. The brackets are securely attached to the teeth before having wires threaded through them. The wires effectively allow the dentist, at regular appointments, to adjust the positioning of teeth by pulling and pushing into the right positions in the mouth.

Braces often have to be worn for about two years but most feel that it is a price worth paying so that they can have a nice, straightened smile for the rest of their lives. It is no trifling matter and people who have been treated with dental braces often report how much more confident they feel with their improved smile. Your London SE1 dentist can answer all of your questions about braces.

Dentists in South East London offer patients the chance to improve their looks with cosmetic dentistry procedures

Dentists rightly have a reputation for looking after the health of our teeth. This is because at your teeth six months check ups in the surgery, they will mainly be talking about the amount of plaque or tartar that is on your teeth or the state of your gums. But dentists are not only concerned with your oral hygiene, they are also able to offer a wide variety of procedures and treatments such as cosmetic dentures, smile makeovers and whitening which are specially designed to improve the aesthetics of your smile.

Cosmetic dentistry covers a range of different treatments, many of which can be found at your local South East London dentist’s surgery. There are various tooth whitening treatments which can restore even the most stained teeth to the whitest possible shade of tooth tone by using various gels and curing lights.

Teeth straightening is carried out for the health of the mouth as well as to improve the aesthetics so one could classify it as cosmetic dentistry. The traditional metal brace is only one option these days and there are a number of other methods of getting an aligned smile.

Porcelain dental crowns and porcelain dental veneers are fitted over teeth which are cracked, chipped, broken down or fundamentally stained. Demonstrating how swift some of these cosmetic dentistry procedures are, veneers and crowns can be fitted in no time at all thanks to advances in the digitization of technology in dental surgeries.

With many dentists offering interest free repayment plans, it is within the financial reach of an increasing number of people to have cosmetic dentistry work done and improve the look of your smile.

Sort of crooked teeth once and for all with speedy Six Months Smile from London SE1 dentists

Aside from how unsightly traditional metal braces look, many people are put off from tooth straightening treatment because of the great length of the time that one has to wear the device for. Two years is a very long time to wear anything in your mouth that is not removable and even though the results will be most satisfactory, people have often wondered if it might be possible to straighten teeth in a shorter space of time than two years.

The new treatment called Six Months Smile can do just that. As the name suggests, it often only needs to be worn for six months in order to correct minor alignment issues with the teeth. This is far more preferable to many people who want to have their smiles straightened but don’t want to have to wear a brace for two years.

Six Months Smile works on the same principles as a traditional metal brace in that there are brackets attached to the teeth which have wires threaded through them. At regular appointments with your dentist, adjustments will be made so that your teeth are gently moved into more desirable positions that will create, as a whole, a straightened out smile.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of Six Months Smile is that the brackets and wires are the same colour as teeth. This means that it is far more discreet than a traditional brace. During the treatment time you need not worry so much about the appearance of your mouth because Six Months Smile is that bit more subtle than its traditional relative.

If all of this interests you then you should ask your London SE1 dentist if they are able to offer the Six Months Smile treatment to you.

South East London dentists treat the inside of patients teeth with endodontics

Having trained for many years to the highest standards and then built up a wealth of experience, your local dentist will be an expert in every aspect of the health of your mouth. While most of us will be familiar with the work done on the exterior of teeth such as plaque and tartar removal, dentists also work with the interiors of teeth too.

Teeth are multi-faceted and what you see on the outside of a tooth is far from being the whole picture. Inside teeth there is a mass of material forming what is known as the pulp chamber. The health of these materials (which include nerves and blood vessels) is vital to the health of the whole tooth.

Thankfully most of us will not have to worry much about what is going on inside teeth because it tends to just take care of itself. But problems can occur, in the form perhaps of a tooth abscess. Any severe impact that strikes the mouth can damage the inside of teeth and leave you with infected material inside the pulp chamber.

When dentists practice endodontics, they are concerned with the interior of your teeth. The most well known example of endodontics is root canal treatment which is the process of removing infected material from the pulp chamber by entering the tooth through the root canal. This is carried out to avoid the need to drill into the tooth.

You might require root canal treatment if you find that you are suffering from chronic tooth ache that it is just not going away. Talk to your dentist in South East London if you want more information about the interior of teeth.

Patients delighted with the way London SE1 dentists deal with their tooth ache problems

Tooth ache is something to be taken seriously because it might be a sign of something serious taking place in your mouth. Taking a pain killer and going off to bed might be a short term solution but if your tooth ache won’t go away then you must go and see your dentist to get the problem sorted out. There can be many different potential causes of tooth ache ranging from the relatively benign to the very serious.

A rather light bout of tooth ache might be caused by the formation of cavities. This is where the enamel has been worn away by the acidic influence of plaque and as such the nerves inside the tooth are beginning to be exposed. This problem will only get worse if it is not dealt with. Your dentist will probably have to fill the cavities so that the nerves are no longer exposed and your enamel won’t continue to decay.

In a similar vein, if you are grinding your teeth when you sleep you might find that your teeth are aching somewhat during the day. This is also the result of enamel being worn down by the impact of the grinding and it might be expedient to get a mouth guard fitted that you can wear during sleep.

At the more serious end of the spectrum, persistent tooth ache after an accident to the face ought to be taken very seriously indeed because you might have infected material in the inside of the tooth. Your London SE1 dentist will need to ensure that this material is removed from the interior of the tooth so that the tooth can stay ‘alive’. Root canal treatment might be necessary to save the tooth.

Concerned about your oral hygiene? Your South East London dentist is able to help you

Medical stories often make the headlines in the modern world and as such people are increasingly concerned with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Having healthy teeth and gums is a vital part of your bodily health and many people are now returning to the dentist, having neglected to go for a while. This is because your local dentist is the best person to see if you want to find out about the information concerning oral hygiene and how to achieve the finest standards of it.

The best place to start is with tooth brushing. This should be carried out at least twice a day, usually in the morning and again in the evening. But it is important that tooth brushing is done correctly to get the maximum effects. You should make sure that you are replacing your brush (or the head if you use an electric tooth brush) every six months or so, or when the bristles have become frayed.

Make sure that you are brushing all areas of your mouth, including the sides of your teeth which are facing into your mouth. Use fluoride tooth paste so that the fluoride can help strengthen your protective enamel, the mouth’s vital, natural defence against plaque.

But don’t forget to floss as well. This often neglected part of the oral hygiene routine is just as important to carry out because your brush won’t be able to remove all of the plaque from teeth and has particular problems with doing so when it comes to plaque that is in between teeth.

Your local South East London dentist is not only there for the purposes of treatment and examination, he or she will be delighted to have a chat with you about your oral hygiene routine.

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