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Archives for July, 2011

Teeth aligning with the Inman in London SE1

Crooked teeth- whether or not they cause you any problems physically, cosmetically they are going to nag away at you until you do something about them. When you look in a mirror or when you have your photo taken, you will be constantly reminded of them. But sometimes, we can be the victims of our stubbornness in London SE1. Even though the teeth annoy us, the thought of having to wear a brace, especially if we are, pardon the pun, a little long in the tooth, is not even an option. But before you pooh-pooh the idea altogether, maybe you should take a look at the Inman aligner. The beauty and success of

this device lies in its unique mechanism. It pushes the teeth from the inside with a spring activated bar, while pulling on the teeth on the outside with a cosmetically sympathetic wire. Keeping the teeth on the move all the time means that they move extremely quickly into place: its boast being as fast as six weeks! Now even for the most stubborn of us, that’s a very attractive proposition. And if you need any more convincing, it’s also one of the easiest aligner to wear as it is removable. This means you retain an incredible freedom when having a meal or when cleaning your teeth.

Dental Implants for you in South East London

The revolution in dental implant technology has completely changed the landscape of tooth replacement in south east London. The introduction of of computers and lasers into modern dentistry has made it easier for dentists to offer this treatment. With the use of digital imaging, an implant can be placed with pinpoint precision into position and laser surgery allows the hole to be made in the jawbone, to take the titanium implant, without overly damaging the surrounding gum tissue, which means that the whole operation heals far more quickly than in times gone by. These new techniques have seen made it easier for dentists to offer their patients this treatment, and as it has become commonplace in surgeries, the price of an implant has dropped dramatically. But the greatest advantage of the implant is the versatility of its use; yes it’s great for single tooth replacement as it acts as the new root of the tooth to place the crown upon and once in the mouth, it’s in for good. However its success in this area was soon recognized and the implant’s strength was adapted for other applications. Mini implants, that can be inserted in a day, have been used for keeping dentures firmly in the mouth. They are also used for giving extra support to dental bridges.

Wear it with style- Invisalign in London SE1

3200188_blogInvisalign is one of those wonderful new aligners from the United States that has dispelled the myths and destroyed the images of traditional brace wearing- on all levels. Available now in London’s SE1, Invisailgn has so many advantages over fixed braces and indeed other aligners too. Firstly you have to be checked up for your suitability for the treatment. The dentist will first take a series of digital images to manufacture a number of aligners from. With digital imaging, it is possible to make projected images of how your teeth will look at various stages of the treatment. The aligners come in the form of a transparent gum-shields that are changed at regular intervals to keep the teeth on the move. But being transparent, Invisalign gives an incredible discretion to the wearer as it is virtually invisible in the mouth. Unlike the complications of that fixed braces present when it comes to cleaning, this aligner can be taken out of the mouth and the teeth cleaned normally. It’s other advantage is that the treatment works a lot faster at correcting your teeth than other options on the market. If Invisalign has one downside, it’s the price, as it is more expensive than other treatments, but this is one of those cases where money shouldn’t be an issue, as the luxury and advantages of wearing this device vastly outweighs the costs involved.

Dental pain eradicated thanks to thorough examinations of South East London dentists

Aching teeth can be a real handicap as the pain often feels so intense that you can focus on little else. In fact sometimes the pain seems to go beyond just your teeth and affects your whole head. Painkillers might work in the short term but it is best if you go and get yourself examined in a dental surgery so that the cause of the dental pain can be ascertained and then dealt with.

A small amount of dental pain perhaps when you are eating or drinking things that are especially hot or cold might be the result of slightly worn away enamel. This could be the start of cavities developing and so this should be reported to your dentist. It might just be a matter of the removal of some caries or just advice that you take better care of your teeth at home.

More severe dental pain probably has more complex causes. If the pain is chronic and on-going it is likely that the problem is coming from within your tooth where there is a mass of nerve endings. An abscess might be the result of an accident or if germs have entered the pulp chamber through a crack or a large cavity. Your dentist might need to carry out root canal surgery to deal with this and ensure that your tooth is free from infection.

Don’t be afraid to report these problems to your dentist. If it turns out to be nothing at all, then at least you made sure of it. South East London dentists are there to help and they are quite happy to see patients who have problems with dental pain and want to put an end to it and get on with their lives.

London SE1 dentists are experts in teeth straightening

Having a crooked smile not only doesn’t look that good, it can also cause problems of its own. Those with misaligned teeth are more likely to grind their teeth when they sleep (dentists call this bruxism) and teeth which are bunched up and crowded can be more likely to develop cavities because it can be difficult to clean in between them.

Thankfully dentists have been effectively straightening out teeth for many, many decades now. With the flourishing of new technologies and increased investment in dental research, there are also a number of different ways in which you can get your teeth straightened.

The old faithful that has been a stalwart of dentistry for a long time, is the traditional metal brace. These devices amount to a series of brackets secured to your teeth, through which metal wires are threaded. These wires can be tightened and loosened as needed so that your teeth are slowly moved into more desirable positions.

Many people were frustrated though with how unsightly these braces could look, not to mention how messy they became and how long the period of treatment could be. In response to this, a number of new methods for straightening teeth have come onto the market which seek to alleviate these problems.

There is Invisalign which dispenses with wires and brackets all together and adjusts teeth with a series of clear plastic plates which are totally removable and replaced once they have achieved all their teeth movement. Six Months Smile uses brackets and wires but cleverly colours them the same tone as teeth so they are vastly more discreet.

Your London SE1 dentist will tell you that traditional metal braces are still the most effective way to solve all teeth alignment problems as some of the other methods cannot rotate teeth.

Dentists in South East London make smiles more beautiful with porcelain veneers

Veneers are a relatively recent innovation in dentistry, at least in terms of them being available to most patients. They are basically thin strips of material which are secured onto the front of teeth so that their appearance is improved. This can really help your self confidence if it is a bit low thanks to a chipped or cracked tooth that is embarrassing you. Veneers can even be used to cover severely stained or discoloured teeth as well.

One of the most successful and popular innovations in veneer technology over recent years is the use of porcelain in making them. This highly adaptable substance retains every ounce of its strength even when used in extremely small quantities. This makes it ideal for veneers as dentists want to use the absolute minimum amount of material for the veneer so that, if possible, nothing of the existing tooth has to be removed.

Like glass, porcelain does not become stained, so won’t need to worry about the thing that’s covering up your unsightly tooth becoming unsightly itself. The fact that they are so strong means that you can treat them just like normal teeth and you will soon forget that you even have veneers apart from noticing how terrific your smile looks.

Porcelain dental veneers can now be fitted with some speed, thanks to the technology that is becoming commonplace in British dental surgeries. Often it will just take one short visit to the dentist to have a stunning porcelain veneer or veneers secured and you will come out looking fantastic. Make an appointment to see your South East London dentist if you have any more questions about porcelain veneers.

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