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Archives for June, 2011

Healthy mouths restored after root canal treatment from London SE1 dentists

For most people, a bit of diligence when it comes to taking care of their teeth at home and regular visits to the dental surgery will mean a long life of excellent oral health. But things do sometimes go wrong in the mouth and often not even because of something you have done or not done. Although your teeth are highly resilient and durable parts of your body, they are also complex.

One procedure that is sometimes necessary for dentists to carry out in the event of a problem with teeth is called root canal treatment. The aim of root canal treatment is to make sure that the inside of the tooth is healthy. Far from just being a solid block of enamel, your teeth are actually hollow. Inside them they have what is known as the pulp chamber which contains many vital tissues that help the health of your teeth.

If anything inside the chamber becomes infected then it will be necessary to clear it out so that an abscess is unable to form, with all the detrimental effects that it can bring. The best way to get into the chamber is through the root canal which is the opening at the base of the tooth, through which the blood vessels and nerves go. This is called root canal treatment and your London SE1 dentist will be an experienced expert in how to carry it out effectively.

Your dentist will be looking to remove any infected material and generally clean the pulp chamber if it has become compromised. It is a complex operation but modern dentists are very good at putting their patients at ease during such procedures and you will leave the surgery knowing that your tooth is healthy once more.

South East London dentists get the nation smiling by fitting stunning porcelain crowns

Improving the way you look needn’t cost the earth and it doesn’t have to be a major hassle. Advances in dentistry mean that you can give your smile a stunning boost by opting for one or more simple procedures which are designed to make your mouth look even better than it already does. Next time you go and see your South East London dentist ask them about porcelain crowns and what they can do for you.

Porcelain crowns are effectively covers for teeth which have broken down or have a major structural deficiency but are deemed well enough to be able to stay in the mouth. Dentists are now tailor-making porcelain crowns so that they can fit into your mouth with the utmost discretion and look terrific. They are perfect in cases where the tooth looks unsightly and has reduced functionality but it is not felt that it has to be removed from the mouth for health reasons.

Your dentist might need to remove a little of the existing tooth in order to fit the crown in and then he or she will attach it using strong, dental resin. The crown can be made incredibly quickly thanks to advances in the technology that dentists now have at their disposal. What’s more, your dentist will be able to adapt the crown so that the colour and shade matches your surrounding teeth.

Even your closest friends and peers won’t notice that it is not a natural tooth and, in time, you will forget that you ever had it done too! The durable, hard wearing and light porcelain that crowns are now made from, means that they can be treated just like natural teeth and will provide you with a life time of good oral health.

Dentists in London SE1 offer the brilliant solution of dental bridges

Having a gap in your teeth is something that people find really damages their self-esteem. It affects the look of your smile in a negative way so that you might be ashamed to show off what ought to be one of your best assets: a full set of sparkling, white teeth. Tooth loss is more common than you might think and has a variety of causes from dental decay to gum disease to one off accidents which knock teeth out of the mouth.

Dental bridges are one way to sort this out by getting a replacement tooth secured into the mouth, thus restoring the effect of a smart smile and the functionality of your mouth. Essentially dental bridge work involves securing a false tooth to the adjacent tooth or teeth. It is highly adaptable and discreet.

No two dental bridge procedures are the same because your London SE1 dentist will thoroughly examine your mouth in order to determine how best to secure the false tooth. What will be considered primarily is the strength of the teeth which surround the spot where the tooth has been lost.

In the ideal scenario, your false tooth will be secured to the two, strong, healthy teeth on either side of it using dental resin. In practice this I not always possible if one of the teeth is not strong enough or there is only one adjacent tooth. Dental bridges can still work though if there is only one tooth to attach the false tooth to. If it is a front tooth that has been lost, your dentist will carefully conceal the bond so that it is not visible when you smile.

Zapping your Teeth White with Zoom in south east London

Most dentists in south east London have caught on very quickly to the magic that is Zoom, the boasts of how good it is and the statistics speak for themselves. Made popular by television, this treatment has become not only fashionable, but is in high demand. Firstly it’s cheap and quick; coming in at under £100, the whole treatment will take three quick sessions at your dentist, in one sitting, in around an hour. It doesn’t involve any painful injections or preparation, it doesn’t do any damage to your teeth, and depending of your lifestyle, one treatment should last you around two years. All you do is get into the dentist’s chair and then you have your gums and tongue covered for protection. A gel is applied to the teeth and then they are ‘cured’ with a heat lamp. All of us are different, and some may feel slight discomfort or a ‘zing’ in the mouth, but this can be countered with a soothing gel that is provided. The Zoom treatment can also be continued at home if required, as you can also be supplied with a bleaching tray that you simply fill with the bleaching agent, and then pop into the mouth- designed primarily as a top-up, to the heat treatment. If you are considering getting your teeth whitened, you’d be well advised to consult with your dentist, as this procedure guarantees results.

Facing up to Oral Cancer in London SE1

If you have any issue crop up in the body in London SE1, like anything, if the problem is identified in its infancy, there is a fantastic chance it can be treated and cured; so it is with oral cancer. Though we are still struggling to nail this disease, better understanding of exactly how it starts and what causes it have been realised. Mostly, most dentists will concur that a high percentage of people suffering from the problem normally smoke, abuse alcohol, have a bad diet and poor oral hygiene- in all, a poor lifestyle and cancer will thrive on this, attacking the inside of the cheeks, the roof and floor of the mouth, gums and tongue. These fleshy areas are at further risk too from constant irritations in the much, from rough teeth, dentures and even fillings. It manifests itself through constant ulcers, sore throats, chewing and swallowing pains and bad tastes in the mouth and this is the time to get a check-up. Some simple tests at the dentist will soon identify if you have a problems; if so then you are in for some pretty testing periods of chemo, radio therapy or even physical surgery to beat the disease. But it’s how you approach these periods that will give you the optimum chance of removing the cancerous cells. Everything from diet to oral hygiene must be changed to give you a fighting chance, most of all, your attitude. You may require the help of a support group afterwards too, to help you through the psychological trauma, but success rates are up, so there’s every chance that you can beat this disease.

The use of Mouth-guards in south east London

Your mouth is delicate and intricate, and takes a lot of looking after on an everyday basis, especially if you love your sports in south east London. Mouth-guards are designed to protect your mouth from injury, particularly in contact sports, looking after your teeth, gums and tongue from initial injury, but can also limit the shock impact to other areas of the jaw, head and neck. Modern mouth-guards, if looked after, can help you enjoy recreational activities and look after the health of your mouth and body; they can also help to straighten and bleach your teeth. Modern sports, involve a lot of physical contact, hence, mouth-guards have evolved to meet the needs of the modern athlete. Sure you can buy one off the shelf, but the best are custom made with soft gel liners, breathing slots and strong rubber frames designed for high impact, comfortable wearing and easy breathing. Mouth-guards are also custom made for teeth bleaching procedures that lock in the bleaching agent to whiten your teeth overnight, and for straightening your teeth, such as Invisalign, that are clear, flexible and removable. In some cases, fixed brace wearers can also have a mouth-guard made up to cover both the brace and the teeth, for use in sporting activities.

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