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Archives for May, 2011

You’d be Foolish to miss a Dental Check-up in South East London

There are enough products in the shops of South East London to help you look after your teeth and maintain a great level of oral hygiene. In fact, it’s because of these products and better awareness of using them, that some dentists are advocating just one check-up a year to some of their patients. But of course this doesn’t work for all of us, which is why we should take control of making regular appointments at the dentist. Against all our best efforts to keep our mouths clean, we only need to take our eye off our teeth for 12 hours for bacteria to grow, plaque to set in, followed by tooth decay and gum disease. Visiting your dentist regularly can help combat these problems. Only by an x-ray can early signs of tooth decay be identified and resolved with a simple filling. Your dentist can also clean your teeth of any plaque or tartar by giving you a scale and polish. But you can also take advantage of other things at a dental check-up. You can discuss any problems you may have had since your last visit and discuss any treatments you may need to have in the future; also, it’s a great time to talk about any cosmetic treatments you are considering. By keeping close contact with your dentist, combined with your own hygiene at home, there is every chance that your teeth should be with you for life.

What are the pros and cons of braces? South East London dentists have all the answers

Every time you smile you have the potential to put people at ease with a comforting gesture. It is such a part of every day life that it is easy to take for granted just how important smiling is. The sad fact is that some people don’t smile nearly enough because they are worried about the way that their teeth look. If you are one of these people then there is no reason why you should not contact your South East London dentist to find out what can be done.

Teeth come in all different shapes and sizes and the way that they are arranged can also vary, to a point. It is perfectly common to be born with teeth which develop in a fashion that is crooked or misaligned. The act of thumb sucking can also push teeth out of line.

The best way to sort this out and leave you with a healthy looking and beautiful smile is to get your mouth fitted with braces. There have been many innovations in the technology of straightening teeth in recent years but none of them can consummately and effectively deal with all of the possible imperfections when it comes to the arrangements of your teeth.

In a sense braces are really rather simple. They work by gently moving your teeth over time, utilising the power of strong, metal wires which are attached securely to brackets on your teeth. The treatment times can be rather long, with some patients needing to wear braces for several years, but the results are long lasting and have produced satisfaction in millions of people over the years

The Benefits of Oral Hygiene in London SE1

Look around any shops in London SE1 and you’ll be bombarded with an incredible range of products all designed to keep your mouth healthy, and they all do a very good job too. In general, it’s a very simple equation- brush, floss and rinse at least twice a day and you should be okay. But all of us have individual needs when it comes to oral hygiene and all our mouths are different. So if you have any doubts about what products are right for you, a chat with your dentist should help point you in the right direction. Don’t forget, they’ve seen, and know your mouth, as well as you do, but it’s essentially down to you to look after yourself. The most important element is to get the right brush and toothpaste; this can be very hit or miss at first, but if you persevere, and get this right, you’ve won half the battle of oral hygiene. Then you can back it up with flossing and mouthwashes. But there are also other elements that factor in oral hygiene. It’s all designed to keep your mouth free of bacteria that grows out of food that gets lodged in the teeth, so most people prefer to clean their teeth after eating. But it’s also what you eat that’s important too. If you maintain a balanced diet and do everything in moderation, your teeth will remain healthy as well and react better with your oral hygiene program. Remember, things can spiral out of control very quickly in your mouth, but if you keep your mouth clean, you will limit the amount of treatment you’ll need at the dentists

The Freedom of Dental Implants in South East London

More and more people in south east London, are discovering the benefits that implants offer, as they give the patient a renewed freedom after tooth loss, unlike dentures. It’s also become more refined, what with laser treatments, and healing times have dropped too compared to what they were. A laser does far less damage to the gum tissue and allows the titanium root to be placed with precise accuracy and very quickly, and once they are in, they’re pretty much there for life. They are also more resistant to disease, unlike the natural root of the mouth. And once the implant has healed, the new, strong and beautifully clean teeth are simply attached onto them, leaving you with a brand new look- as if you never lost your teeth in the first place. They have also offered a lifeline for denture wearers who can simply click the false teeth onto the implants to keep them secure in the mouth. All this refinement in implant technology has made it an easy procedure for dentists to carry out, hence it’s become a lot more widespread and available too; meaning there has been a dramatic tumble in the cost of having it done- making it affordable for everyone. Some dentists will also having payment plans in place so that you can spread the cost over a period of time. There simply is no better time to consider getting yourself an implant and they will set you free!

London SE1 patients astonished at the results their dentists achieve with Six Months Smile

If there are any aspects of your mouth that you are not quite happy with then you shouldn’t fall into the trap of believing that they can’t be effectively solved. The things that your dentist can do these days are nothing short of incredible.

If the problem is that you are putting up with teeth that are crooked or misaligned, you might subscribe to the stereotypical view that you will have to wear an ugly looking brace for several years that is difficult to clean and will lead to a lack of confidence in your persona. But this does not have to be the case. Of course braces are always available and they are reliable and effective too, but you should consider the newer products on the market too.

One of them is called Six Months Smile and it can sort out issues with your teeth in only half a year. The improvement is as dramatic as it seems: no more two year stints with a mouth full of metal. Having Six Months Smile fitted means that you can get on with your life after a short period of treatment, happy in the knowledge that your teeth look terrific.

Six Months Smile is like a brace in many respects but different in crucial aspects. It does use wires to straighten out your teeth into the desired positions but the wires are made out of special nickel titanium which is matched to the colour of your teeth so that the product is barely noticeable.

It will be very much worth your while to discuss your options regarding straightening your teeth with your London SE1 dentist and considering Six Months Smile.

Cosmetic dentistry with London SE1 dentists: Your ticket to a beautiful smile

Let’s face it, we all want to look our best. This is important in every day life but if you have a wedding coming up or a job interview then you might want to look extra special. There are some things that can’t reasonably be changed, like your height. But if you think that your teeth could look better then there is no reason to delay in sorting it out. You’ll find that the benefits it gives to your self confidence will be astonishing.

Dentists are able to offer patients a wide variety of treatments to correct the look of teeth. These fall under the umbrella term of cosmetic dentistry and the results can be amazing. It is quite common really to have a set of teeth that is not quite perfect. Your teeth are in almost constant use whether you are eating or just talking. Inevitably they can get a little worn down or discoloured. Or you may have been born with a set of teeth that are somewhat misaligned or crooked.

Cosmetic dentistry procedures can sort out all of these problems. Stunning porcelain dental veneers can cover up unsightly broken down teeth and porcelain dental crowns can do the same for teeth which are more fundamentally affected. Teeth whitening procedures can restore teeth to the whitest possible shade and give you back the sparkling smile that you thought you had lost in adulthood.

These procedures and more can be carried out as part of a package of just individually. Your London SE1 dentist can give you expert advice and a consultation to ascertain which procedures might benefit you individually and how they can be carried out.

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