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Archives for April, 2011

Having Root Canal Treatment in London SE1

If during your average day in London’s SE1, you’ve started to noticed that a tooth has become sensitive to temperature change, it hurts when you bite down on it, it’s become discoloured and/or the gums have become inflamed around it, chances are you may be suffering from a little tooth decay. Now, tooth decay can lead to some very serious issues in the mouth if left unchecked- worse case scenario is an abscess that in some cases can be life threatening, or complete tooth loss and a very unhealthy mouth, but if it is nipped in the bud when detected, the tooth can be saved. Decay affects the pulp in the tooth and spreads into the roots and this will require root canal treatment. Now there are many horror stories surrounding this procedure, from torturous life-long pain, to total decapitation! In reality, the treatment is no more worse than a simple filling- thanks many to modern dental techniques and can be done using a simple, local anaesthetic, though it’s not pretty reading: essentially, the decayed pulp has to be cleared out of the tooth and then the roots removed from inside the tooth, either by drilling or laser treatment. Once done, the tooth can be filled or have a crown fitted. It won’t save the tooth indefinitely, but will prolong its life for up to a further 15 years, if looked after and reduce the chances of further infection throughout the mouth.

The Beauty of Porcelain Crowns in South East London

We really do put our mouths through it over the course of our lives and it’s the teeth that tend to bear the brunt of our excesses in south east London. They can become worn and decayed- even broken; at worse, the decay can threaten the tooth altogether. But thanks to the wonder of modern dentistry, decayed teeth can be saved these days and re-beautified with a porcelain crown. Once you have had a root canal to remove any decay to the tooth (or, if you simply hate those old metallic fillings), then you can have the crown fitted to the original tooth base that is left, restoring the look of your mouth and maintaining your tooth’s strength and your overall oral health. It’s the porcelain itself that will give the beauty back to your tooth. Porcelain has a very natural beauty that gives off a very natural sheen, because it reacts to light like a tooth’s enamel does and pure porcelain crowns do not leave an unsightly darkness around the gum. Other than their cosmetic advantages, porcelain crowns also maintain the natural functions of the mouth like chewing, speaking and biting, as well as preventing any further decay spreading into the rest of the teeth.

Why Not Opt for a Dental Bridge in London SE1

When you lose a tooth, it can affect your mouth in many ways. For starters, it can lead to further tooth loss, but it can also expose your mouth to the risk of gum disease, tooth decay and bone loss; let alone the more immediate problems to speech, chewing and biting. Bridges are available all around London’s SE1, but there are certain factors that affect the fitting. A bridge can span a gap of up to three teeth, but to attach them, they are reliant on the remaining teeth being strong and healthy to support the crowns and the bridge. Once you have been measured up, the fitting of a bridge is fairly straight forward and can be done in a few sittings with your dentist and if you look after it, a bridge can last you up to 15 years, but they do require special attention when it comes to general oral hygiene and cleaning; your dentist will advise you on how to look after your new fitting. The bonuses of having a bridge however, other that the health implications, is also cosmetic. They can retain the shape of your face, they can restore the look of your smile and give you added comfort when eating. Most of all, if your of a vain nature, they can restore your aesthetic allure, for they look very natural in the mouth and this can restore your self confidence that may have been damaged when you lost the tooth, or teeth in the first place.

Want whiter teeth? Ask your South East London dentist about Zoom teeth whitening

One of life’s little frustrations is finding that your teeth just aren’t as shiny white as they used to be. Even if you take great care of your teeth, over time they will lose that youthful glint as you get older. This is contributed to by habits such as smoking tobacco products and drinking tea and coffee, not to mention cola drinks and red wine. These things can stain your teeth but just the advancing years will mean that teeth become noticeably duller in tone. Having bright white teeth can give you a great confidence boost so it is worth asking your dentist about Zoom teeth whitening.

Zoom teeth whitening is a process of teeth whitening that is carried out by your dentist in just one convenient session and has left a great many patients simply astonished by the results. All your dentist needs is three quarters of an hour, in which time he or she will apply a special whitening gel to your teeth. The effects of this gel are heightened by a special curing light which is shone on your teeth, breaking down and removing stains and restoring them to a brilliant shade of white. Oral experts grade the shades of whiteness of teeth and have found that most tooth paste can increase whiteness by about two levels. Zoom teeth whitening can raise your whiteness levels by an amazing eight grades.

Don’t delay if you are fed up with your dull or stained teeth. Make an appointment with your South East London dentist and ask them about Zoom teeth whitening. You’ll be glad you did when you leave the surgery with a brilliant, white smile.

Oral cancer: get the facts from London SE1 dentists

Of all the afflictions which can affect your mouth, one of the most dangerous is oral cancer. It serves as another reminder to visit your dentist every six months so that your mouth can be checked by a trained and dedicated professional. With access to your mouth your dentist will be able to examine it for any early signs of the condition and nip it in the bud. Survival rates are actually quite good for oral cancer but it is imperative that you spot it early so it can be dealt with.

The high risk lifestyle-groups for oral cancer are those who smoke tobacco and regularly drink to excess. The disease is also more prevalent in men than it is in women. But you should be vigilant for oral cancer if you are not from one of these groups.

Dentists will be on the look out for discoloured patches in your mouth. These patches might be a sort of rusty colour and may be also be hardened. You may notice that you suddenly have unpleasant, almost metallic tastes in your mouth and sudden, otherwise unexplained weight loss might occur. You can look out for these signs at home, perhaps when you are flossing or brushing. If you discover any of the symptoms then you should report them to your dentist immediately; don’t simply wait for your next six months check up.

Like many other oral ailments, oral cancer needs to be diagnosed early so that it can be dealt with. Treatment is able to be far more effective if it is done at the early stages and you are less likely to have to undergo invasive treatment which might compromise your health. If you have not had a check up in a while, contact your London SE1 dentist to make an appointment.

Dentists in South East London advise patients to get mouth guards fitted

Protecting your teeth is absolutely crucial. Hopefully you are brushing your teeth and flossing, as well as paying regular visits to your dentist so that your teeth stay in good health. But it is possible that you are putting your teeth in danger because of activities or hobbies that you undertake. If this is the case then South East London dentists advise you to get a mouth guard so that your teeth don’t get damaged.

Certain sports can put your teeth at risk of being harmed. Rugby, American football, lacrosse and both field and ice hockey can involve your mouth suffering from impact either from another player or one of the implements that is used. In mountain biking, any fall from the bicycle can injure the mouth. These injuries might leave you with teeth that get cracked or chipped or even fall out.

Thankfully mouth guards are widely available. The most basic kind of mouth guard can be purchased from any high street sports retailer. These stock products are affordable and can be worn immediately but the protection they offer is only minimal. So called ‘boil and bite’ mouth guards offer a higher level of production because they are moulded to the unique shape of your mouth by plunging them into boiling water and then biting into them.

The highest degree of protection is offered by mouth guards which are fitted individually by your dentist. These are constructed to fit your mouth perfectly and protect your teeth from heavy impact. It is recommended that you wear some kind of mouth guard if you indulge in any of the afore mentioned activities. It is better, after all, to protect your teeth than to have to deal with the consequences of damage.

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