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Archives for March, 2011

Getting a Dental Bridge in London SE1

Losing a tooth or teeth could seem like the end of the world to some of us in trendy London’s SE1. Well, forgetting your vanity levels, you may like to get the gap filled quite quickly to stop other problems arising in the mouth, such as teeth movement and gum disease. One of the most popular and cheaper methods is to have a bridge fitted. A bridge can be made to measure and colour coded to look as if the tooth was never lost in the first place, and being a treatment that has been around a long time and that has become more refined, a bridge has a proven history. Cleaning is important once you’ve had your bridge fitted and a dentist will advise you on specialist brushes to use, depending on the type of bridge you require and where it is fitted into the mouth. They can be bonded in with resins and wires, or you can have a new tooth attached to adjacent crowns and then cemented onto the remaining teeth with a very straight forward procedure requiring nothing more than a local anesthetic. But if you look after your bridge they can see you into old age, especially if they are supported with a by a mini-implant. Having a bridge can restore the look and health to your mouth- what price vanity and health at around £300 eh?

Zoom! Teeth Whitening in the South East of London

You’ve probably sat at home watching these make over programs, with these wonderful dentists doing wonderful work on the teeth and thought ‘yeah, I’d like that but it’s surely out of my reach?’ Well, such procedures are not the domain of the rich and famous anymore. Dentists have woken up to the needs of everyone and all these things that you see on TV are available to us all in the south east of London. One of the most popular ways to get your smile back these days is to have your teeth laser whitened and the one that’s all the rage right now, thanks to television, is Zoom! It attacks deep stains on not only normal teeth, but on veneers, crowns and dentures too and it’s all over in an hour with 3 quick sessions, leaving you with a smile to, well smile about. Once in the chair, the dentist will cover your lips and gums for protection and then coat the teeth with a gel. Then, your teeth are exposed to a laser lamp that chemically ignites the bleaching gel- and that’s it. Depending on the staining, you may require a top up further on, or you may be offered a Zoom! home kit, so that you can do the top up yourself. It’s that easy and don’t let yourself get drawn into the thought that just because you’ve seen it on TV, it’s going to be expensive- not so. This treatment starts from as little as a £100….bet you’re smiling already!

Dealing with Oral Cancer in London SE1

Through all the advertising and advice that we are given to keep ourselves healthy in London’s Se1, we are still drawn to the evils that can have serious health implications, and especially to our mouths, as what is put into the body starts here first. Smoking, excessive drinking, poor oral hygiene and poor diet can expose our mouths to all manner of dental problems, the worst case scenario being oral cancer. Treatments to cancer and recovery to the treatment of it, have improved dramatically in recent years, but as good as our understanding of the disease has grown, it hasn’t gone away. Stress, a poor immune system and exposure to UV light have all been linked to the problem, but because we all have our own unique DNA constitution, it makes it difficult to identify why oral cancer can affect one person badly and another, not at all. Of course bad oral hygiene will promote the disease if it’s around another reason why regular dental visits are of the utmost importance, especially if your suffer from problems such as bad breath, repetitive ulcers, aches in the neck, jaw, ears and head, or if you have trouble swallowing, for these are the more common, early signs of oral cancer. But if it’s caught early, the higher the success rate in the treatment and this success also depends on the level of ‘fight’ you are prepared to put in, by getting actively involved and prepare yourself with procedures that you are about to undergo such as chemo or physical surgery. Remember that oral cancer can be beaten as long as you are prepared for a scrap.

Getting a Mouth Guard in South East London

Mouth guards are used throughout dentistry for a range of purposes, the more obvious being used by orthodontists to straighten the teeth- as with Invisalign treatments. Other uses include teeth bleaching; a mouth guard will contain the bleaching agent and then simply slipped over the teeth until they are whitened. But they are used to prevent injury as well. The city can be a stressful place to live and stress causes one in three people to suffer from bruxism or teeth grinding. If this goes untreated, it can cause serious damage to the mouths occlusion or ‘bite’; a mouth guard is often used in the treatment of this problem as it protects the teeth from wear. But if your of a sporting nature in south east London, chances are you will carry a mouth guard in your kit bag anyway, especially if your fond of contact sports. Just wearing one can save you from very serious injury to the teeth, gums, neck and jaw- and they can also prevent a hefty injury to your bank balance, as it can get quite pricey for repairs to the teeth. For a little lay out, you can buy one that you mould in your mouth yourself, one off the shelf or have one made, and not only do they prevent damage and injury, they lengthen the time you play the sport you enjoy.

The Benefits of Mini-Implants in London’s SE1

Anyone that wears dentures in London’s SE1 will tell you that one of the biggest problems with them is keeping them in the mouth. Sure, dentures have come an awful long way- the materials from which they are made, the fixatives that are used, all have radically improved, yet, the wearer is still left with that nagging doubt that they may still fall out when eating or talking. But now thanks to the introduction of mini-implants, that embarrassment has all but disappeared. Thanks to micro surgery that leaves very little damage to the gums, these tiny, little bits of titanium can be fitted into the jaw bone in 2 hours. The dentures will be modified and then they simply click onto the implants; combined with a fixative, those dentures are going nowhere. Imagine the benefits when ordering certain types of food at a restaurant. But mini-implants are also favoured a lot more for the fitting of bridges and crowns, for the same reasons as have already mentioned, they offer great back-up support to normal fixing procedures, lengthening the shelf life of the fitting overall. Because implant technology and healing methods have improved dramatically over recent years, they are easier to fit and with that, competitively, the price of having a mini-implants fitted have dropped substantially of late. But then cost should never factor in the improvement of lifestyle that a mini-implant can bring.

Getting those Teeth fixed in South East London with Invisalign

If you got to the stage in life where you need your teeth straightened but are afraid of the implications that come with wearing a brace, then you may well like to take a look at America’s latest export- Invisalign. It fly’s in the face of against any conception you may have of having to wear a brace and the benefits far outweigh the cost of the treatment. Once you’ve been measured up and you’re eligible for the course, you are fitted with the first of a series of aligners that get to work on your teeth straight away. But because of its design, it’s removable, meaning that throughout your treatment, you can take it out for eating, brushing your teeth and for the odd ‘intimate’ social occasion- now that’s got to be good for your oral health and your love-life! But this aligner gets even better. It’s made from a completely transparent material which means it’s almost impossible to see when it sits in the mouth. Now any teenager will tell you the amount of ‘ribbing’ you are going to avoid with one of those in your mouth; not that you’ll have it there for long, for this little device take a third of the time to correct your teeth than more conventional, ‘ugly’, fixed braces. OK, so the whole program starts from around £1800, more than other treatments, but there are so many advantages attached to this aligner and you don’t have to go far to find it; Invisalign is available now and it’s available here, in south east London.

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