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Archives for February, 2011

Having Dentures in London’s SE1

Denture technology has come a long way in London SE1 over the years, and it’s a good job too, as they often reminded the wearer that they are now one step closer to the grave. They were often cheaply made and ill-fitting, that made eating, chewing and even talking, a nightmare. Now however, dentures a made from materials that look more natural as they are worn. Materials have become softer, making the dentures adhere to the gums more closely- even the teeth can be made from more ‘teeth-like’ looking materials, such as porcelain, that give a more natural allure to the mouth. In the past, a dentist would prefer to pull all of the teeth and fix dentures, even when some of the teeth were perfectly healthy. Now thanks to techniques such as CuSil, dentures can be fitted around the teeth that remain, giving a better chance of keeping the dentures in the mouth. Keeping the teeth in the mouth has always been a problem for denture wearers, especially when dining out. Such have been the improvement of fixatives, this problem has become a thing of the past- combine this by having mini implants placed in the mouth, that dentures can lock onto, and your dentures are going no where. Of course, vanity wise, dentures retain the shape of the face and maintain the ‘bite’ between the jaws, keeping you looking pretty and your teeth, healthy.

Are you a Nervous Patient in the South East of London?

One of the biggest problems confronting dentists in the south east of London today, is dealing with a nervous patient- simply because they can seriously hinder administering the treatments that the patient requires. It’s no party if you suffer from dental phobias either. However this problem has arisen, maybe out of personal dental experiences to you or others around you, it needs to be confronted and overcome to keep your mouth healthy. It’s important to build a rapport with your dentist so that you both gain each others trust. Expressing your fears to your dentist will build a bond between and allow you both to plan a way forward for your treatments. Ignorance to dental procedures is a big factor here, because if as a patient, you are aware of what’s involved with your treatments, you can have a say in how they are carried out. Many dentists are versed in the art of relaxation techniques and sedation dentistry and will be able to offer you anything from hypnotherapy to drugs to quell any anxieties you may have and to make your visit as comfortable and as painless as possible. Most dental problems arise from people’s fear of dental procedures and getting the correct treatment they require, hence they tend not to, until a real emergency arises.

Why choose Damon Braces in South East London

It’s a minefield of choice in south east London when it comes to braces and aligners and braces. Generally, the condition of your teeth, will dictate the the type of treatment that is suitable for you. But people who have to wear them, prefer them to be comfortable and discreet- the fixed Damon brace offers just that and more, making it a viable contender- whatever your age. A thin ‘memory’ wire connects a number of clear, ceramic plates through tiny ‘sliding doors’, that are placed on each tooth, but what sets this treatment apart from others is that it is self litigating, that is, it adjusts the pressure on your teeth automatically, throughout the time it is in your mouth, meaning, it also cuts out the number of visits you have to pay to the dentist. It’s because the wire causes very little friction to the teeth, they respond very quickly to movement- this reflects on it’s costs too; depending on the level of correction you require, the Damon Brace starts from around £2500, which can be spread over the course of the treatment with a payment plan. There is very minimal mechanics in the mouth, which makes it very easy to clean, important considering that this brace is ‘fixed’ in the mouth throughout the treatment. The Damon is a very attractive choice, offering great results and available to people of all ages.

The Seriousness of TMJ disorders in London SE1

You may take for granted, the work your jaw does during each day of your life in London’s SE1. You eat, you talk and you chew your way through the average day and this places enormous forces through two tiny ball joints which connect the lower jaw to the top- more commonly known as the temporomandibular joint, or TMJ and the pressures on this joint come in many forms. The reason we have braces fitted, missing teeth replaced or have crown placements is to ensure that the occlusion of the mouth, or the ‘bite’, is correct. If this is misaligned, it places extra stresses on the TMJ. Teeth grinding is the ultimate enemy as you are continually placing stress on the joints and muscles that surround them. Over time, the joint will wear and cause many complications in the head, neck and upper back and it’s important to identify the symptoms early on. Constant ear, jaw and headaches are an indication that there is something wrong in this area, that can affect every day functions such as biting, chewing and talking- but the most obvious sign is when the jaw clicks when it is moved. Treatments for TMJ disorders can be many-fold. Resting of the jaw is important, combined with heat and ice therapies and medication. Occlusion correction is important to ensure the ‘bite’ reduces stresses in the TMJ. But most importantly, stress therapy can prevent teeth grinding and unnecessary pressures being placed on the jaw. But in extreme cases, the only alternative is surgery.

Getting a 6 Months Smile in London’s SE1

We have a lot to thank the U.S for, when it comes to teeth re-alignment. Their obsession with the achieving the perfect smile has lead to some pretty amazing aligners hitting the UK market- so you won’t be surprised to discover that the 6 Months Smile is another invention from the boys across the pond and it’s available now in London’s SE1. Like most boasts that come with American aligners, they do what they say on the packet too. If you suffer from overcrowding teeth that stick out in all directions, this may be the treatment for you and because of the speed with which it works, it means that you can plan your year around having it done. It all starts with getting measured up at the dentists. Photographs and x-rays will assess your suitability and then sent away to the U.S so that your aligner can be made. It’s fairly unobtrusive in the mouth, once it’s fitted; a small wire threads through a series of small, tooth coloured, ceramic plates that are positioned on each of the offending teeth- generally the teeth that show when you smile. As the treatment starts to work, you will need to make regular visits to the dentist to have constant adjustments. Cleaning of the teeth requires extra vigilance, which your dentist will be able to give you advice on. Most dentists will be able to set up a payment to suit your pocket, so come on! Whatever your age, you don’t have to suffer for all eternity, get your teeth straightened today!

Get an Inman Aligner in South East London Today

For some of us living in south east London, we may reach a time in our lives when we consider having certain dental treatments, such as teeth alignment, to late to have in our lives. If you are happy with this, so be it. But it’s never too late. An Inman aligner is one such device aimed at the older person. Once it is in position, it stays where it is and allows a bar to place pressure on the outside of the teeth, whilst a coiled, titanium spring, that maintains a constant pressure on the teeth, also reverses the pressure on the inside. These constant, opposing forces, get the teeth used to movement and then squeezes them into place- extremely quickly. The Inman aligner has been known to complete the treatment in as little as 6 weeks- now that’s not a lot of time out of your life, however old you are. Another bonus to the treatment is that the aligner can be taken out when desired, making it great for cleaning your teeth and eating. Having very similar advantages to that of invisible aligners, the Inman is starting to take over in the popularity stakes due to its results speed and its price.

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