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Archives for December, 2010

Invisalign in London S.E.1

When it comes to dentistry, it’s incredible to see how modern dental procedures take into account, not only faster techniques in their treatment but also the psychological affects on the patient whilst the treatment is in progress. The perfect example of this is use of braces or aligners to remedy orthodontic problems in the mouth such as crooked and buck teeth and Invisalign treatment in London’s S.E.1 epitomises the example. It’s a fairly new course of treatment that radically revolutionises the time and look taken by more traditional teeth straightening treatments. When you choose Invisalign, you choose the latest technology. When you get your first consultation, you will be shown images of a projected movement to your teeth thanks to the use of 3-D imaging and then fitted with your first aligner. This will be changed monthly to maintain pressure on the teeth. But Invisalign has other advantages over more traditional braces. Firstly it’s transparent and difficult to detect in the mouth- heaven if you’re a teenager trying to avoid teasing in class. Secondly, it can be removed for eating, oral hygiene and socialising, and thirdly, Invisalign treatment can be completed in a third of the time, that other fixed aligners take. It’s not the cheapest way to get your teeth fixed, but, psychologically, one of the best.

Dental implants in London’s south-east

The thought of having a hole drilled through the gum and into the jaw bone so that a titanium screw can be attached to house a new tooth sounds like a horror film shot in a backstreet dentists in south-east London. But in fact, having an implant fitted is just that, though these days, it’s a lot less painless than it sounds, thanks to great advances in implant computer technology, keyhole surgery and modern healing methods. Getting an implant is a means to replacing a lost tooth or teeth with comparable looks and strength to that of the original and a more natural preference to having dentures or bridges. The whole process used to take up to a year to complete, but now, the procedure can be over in a little as 4 months and it’s getting shorter thanks to revolutionary techniques being developed every year. (In the case of having mini implants to support dentures, the treatment is over in a day!). It is still one of the more expensive alternatives to teeth replacement, but prices have fallen dramatically over the past ten years. It’s a matter of personal choice at the end of the day- a single implant can cost as little as £950. That can equate to around £10000 for a whole new mouth. However, break that down with a pre-arranged payment plan and it can make the treatment accessible to everyone over time. It may sound extravagant on paper but you can sleep at night, pretty and content without leaving you teeth in a glass.

The importance of oral hygiene in London’ S.E.1

In London’s busy S.E.1, you can quite often hear people moaning about the cost of dental work they have had to have done recently and it’s true, dental procedures can be expensive. But there’s a good chance that the same people will not be discussing the benefits of good oral hygiene down the pub; if only. Maintaining good oral hygiene is one of the easiest of procedures, yet the most overlooked. How hard can it be? Brush and floss twice a day and a bi-annual check up, and oral health should start at the dentists. There are a lot of products on the market, but a dentist will be able to give advice on the best course of hygiene for you. It starts with the type of brush and paste you use and how you use them. The use of dental floss and mouthwashes are all simple yet affective means to promote a good, healthy mouth. But it’s not only about the products, its lifestyle too. It’s all about understanding ourselves and knowing what we put in our mouths. Diet is very important, as is everything in moderation such as smoking and drinking. Essentially if we play hard, we should clean harder, for in the long run, the price of putting things right can be devastating.

Cosmetic Dentistry in London’s S.E.1

How do you fancy a lovely smile in London’s S.E.1 that puts a little bit of Hollywood into your life? It’s there if you want it because there are so many products available for you to choose from at very reasonable prices. Your first port of call is the dentist. You can discuss exactly what’s on your mind and how to get the cosmetic dentistry that suit’s you and your pocket. In short, it’s safe to say that anything is possible in dentistry today. If you have a fairly good set of teeth to start with, chances are you can get away with just bleaching your teeth with a simple, inexpensive home treatment kit or laser whitening at the dentists. If your teeth are a little worn or chipped then it’s possible to restore your smile with dental bonding or veneers. Old silvery fillings can be replaced by resin white ones. Replacing teeth has never been easier, with bridges, crowns and implants and the material from which the teeth are made can vary from porcelain to gold. Even severe restoration work such as gum contouring and multi-implant systems have become as common and as easy as cleaning your teeth. Most work used to be expensive, but thanks to modern techniques, materials and competition, prices have fallen dramatically over the past 10 years. NHS treatments have started to embrace cosmetic dentistry and the introduction of payment plans and dental insurance have made it easier than ever to achieve a smile that was once the domain of the privileged elite.

Getting a smile in 6 months in S.E. London

As we get older in south-east London, the idea of having a brace fitted seems rather ridiculous. It’s something we associate with our teenage years and most of us would consider such ‘lengthy’ treatments rather alien at such a late time in our lives. But having our teeth corrected should be seen as an ongoing process not only for oral health, but for cosmetic reasons too. So thanks to advances in dental technology, help is on hand for those of us with crooked or buck teeth. The 6 months smile can correct such problems. It’s fairly unobtrusive and quick method of closing those gaps and giving you back the confidence to smile again. It’s a very simple and painless treatment- once decided upon, a series of small, tooth coloured plates will be attached to the ‘guilty’ teeth by a wire that will be altered every month to ensure the correct pressure on the teeth is maintained until the treatment is finished. It works incredibly efficiently and it’s all over in 6 months and following this, a retainer will be worn, for a short period at leisure to prevent the teeth falling back into their original position. Depending on the level of treatment required, it’s a snip at around £1800. But consider this for a vanity moment. Half a year is not a long time in your life and it can be pre-planned to fit in around big social occasions such as a wedding or a holiday in the future.

The dental check-up in S.E. London

Ask most people in the south-east of London what their list of priorities are in day to day life and it’s pretty certain that getting a dental check-up isn’t one of them. In fact, for some people, it’s pretty much one to avoid unless in an emergency. It’s quite incredible how ignorant we can be when it comes to the importance of oral hygiene. But in cold reality, it should be high on our list of priorities for health reasons. Complications can arise quickly in the mouth and if left untreated, can lead to complex and expensive treatments in the future. A simple visit to the dentist can nip these problems in the bud. It’s a chance for your dentist to carry out extensive checks for a series of nasties such as

gum disease, plaque and decay and subsequently treat you to prevent further issues developing. Yet, most of us will see a check up as something we have to do, when in fact it’s the perfect opportunity to discuss a range of issues that affect us. Are we using the right brush and toothpaste and brushing correctly? It’s a great chance to talk about lifestyle habits such as diet, smoking and drinking and any notions of cosmetic dentistry that we may have been thinking about. It’s very easy to take the need of a check-up lightly, but before you do, it may be worth considering the deeper implications to ‘ducking’ a simple dental appointment. Problems in the mouth can affect the rest of the body and can lead to heart, digestion and blood problems. Maybe you should put it higher up the list of priorities now?

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