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Archives for October, 2010

The Six Month Smile and why it`s good for us. By a South East London

A South East London dentist has spoken out about the wonders of a six month smile. The system takes six months to accomplish, rather than having a life span of six months. Many of us are embarrassed about our teeth, nobody`s teeth grow straight and we all need some help during our lifetime to make them as perfect as we can get them. The six month smile consists of a series of clear braces that are fitted every two weeks, over that period they move the teeth and can straighten overlapped, crooked and misaligned teeth; they also close gaps in between our molars to give us an almost perfect smile to be proud of. The braces are all self contained and come in the form of what looks like a sports gum shield, with lots of wires and tiny pulleys embedded within the inner side of the device. You can remove them yourself when you want to eat and clean your teeth, then you simply place them back in position. They can be removed for up to around 4 hours a day, so when you`re socialising you can take them out and no one will know you are having the treatment. They are very tight fitting when they are first put in, but as they do their job they loosen up and by the time the fortnight is up they are very loose. This indicates that they have done their job well for that stage of the process, and the next stage brace can be fitted.

The Inman Aligner and how it works on your teeth. By a London SE1 dentist

The Inman Aligner is a brace that solves many misaligned teeth problems; very few of us have perfect teeth and we all need a little help from time to time says a London SE1 dentist. The aligner doesn`t work well on the back teeth, but it has had great success on the front teeth. The process starts off with your dentist taking an impression of your teeth, and then they will take digital photos and X-rays. This information is sent to a computer program that will make a 3D CGI film of the teeth through the varying stages of the process. It also works out the design of the braces, and where the pulleys and pressure points should be in order to affect maximum results.  The only sign that it is a brace, and not a sporting gum shield, is a thin metal strip that runs along the front of the brace. The process takes anywhere from 2-5 months to complete. This time period obviously depends on the amount of movement needed.

The Clearstep system of teeth straightening. A South East London dentist advises us

The Clearstep Brace is a white plastic teeth brace that has revolutionised the way we straighten our teeth, says a South East London dentist. Your dentist will first take impressions of your teeth, digital photos and in some cases digital X-rays, from these they will be able to determine if your teething problem can be fixed using the Clearstep system. It can`t fix all misaligned teething problems, but the good news is that it can solve most of them. Overlapped teeth and gaps in between your teeth are two problems the system can and does solve with great efficiency, and it is a very comfortable way of wearing a brace. The braces are clear in appearance and made from a tough plastic, they are very tight when first fitted but after a few days of working they will feel looser and more comfortable. They need to be changed every two weeks in order to work properly, by that time they will be very loose on the teeth as they will have done their job by then. Each stage of the course is carefully planned, and your dentist will be able to show you how much progress you`ve made at each visit. They are removable for eating and cleaning your teeth, they are plastic and so they need to be kept away from high temperature changes, so when drinking hot drinks it is advisable to remove them, the same goes for fizzy drinks. A special toothbrush is provided with a solution for keeping them clean and sterile.

A London SE1 dentist gives us the low down on the Invisalign Teen Brace

The Invisalign Brace system is also available for teenagers, and they are a very welcome replacement to the cumbersome and unsightly braces that are cemented onto the teeth, says an SE1 London dentist. Unlike the conventional brace they are removable for up to 4 hours a day, which is handy for the busy teenager who needs to remove them now and then so they don`t look too geeky! The real benefit of this advantage is so the patient can remove the brace for eating and cleaning their teeth. They are practically invisible anyway, as the pulleys and pressure gizmos are all cleverly hidden on the inside of what is in effect a gum shield, albeit a thinner version of one. The braces are all custom made before the 4-8 month course even starts, and they are changed every two weeks to keep up the pressure, and keep the teeth moving into a straighter position. They also make the blood system produce more bone cells which attach themselves to the back of the moving teeth; this makes a barrier to prevent the tooth sliding back into a misaligned position. The program also provides the patient and dentist with a 3D CGI film which takes them through the whole process from start to finish; they will be able to see their teeth in the new positions at the end of the program. No longer will teenagers have to endure the stigma attached to the old system, and we say good bye to it as we welcome this truly scientific method that was far too long in the making.

Invisalign Braces are explained by a south east London dentist

It`s almost invisible as it isn`t fixed to the teeth like a conventional brace, says a South East London dentist. They come in the form of a sporting shield that has very cleverly hidden pressure points and pulleys built into the inside, this part sits in the inner part of the mouth and isn`t visible to the eye. They are a unique device and the program involved is quite scientific. Starting with digital pictures which are scanned into a computer program, the program then produces all the calculations needed to make the series of braces involved. These are all made beforehand and contained within them are all workings that will eventually straighten the teeth. It looks like a clear sporting gum shield, and is good for straightening the back as well as the front teeth. They are changed every two weeks and a course can run from 4-8 months typically, the patient and dentist can keep an eye on the progress by watching the 3D CGI film which the computer also produces in the process. The patient can even see the end result before the process even starts. One good advantage is the mobility of the brace, you can take it out for up to 4 hours a day, which is handy for when you`re eating, and cleaning your teeth. It is extremely popular amongst adults who didn’t want the cumbersome NHS brace system when they were younger, but then suffered in later life with misaligned teeth and a crooked smile which can be embarrassing at the best of times.

Damon Braces and their advantages. A London SE1 gives us the facts

The Damon Brace system is a scientifically designed way of straightening the teeth, very few of us escape crooked, misaligned teeth and gaps in between them says a London SE1 dentist. It isn`t a system that uses removable clear braces, it is very much based on the old tried and tested system of fixed clamps cemented onto the teeth. Unlike the conventional system it doesn’t use elastic to stretch the teeth in an uncomfortable manner, it uses wire that is incredibly flexible and reduces the friction problem that elastic produces. The clamps are also designed to be smaller than conventional ones; this reduces the visible line and helps the patient with their acceptance of the process. It takes a lot less time to accomplish the task of straightening teeth and closing gaps with the Damon Brace, this allows for the system to be cheaper than the usual system with less time spent in the dentist`s chair. It is especially popular with the younger generation, and the process is a comfortable one with no pain so the patient gets a lot of confidence from the start that it will all be worth it in the end. The pressures on the wires is worked out using a tried and tested system, it involves taking impressions of the teeth, along with X-rays and digital photos. These are fed into a computer program that works out the best way of achieving the goal on the individual patient, in the quickest time that the dentist can do it.

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