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Archives for May, 2010

Discreet straightening with Six Month Smile from South East London dentist

Many people are embarrassed or self-conscious about their crooked teeth. Sometimes even to the point of being ashamed, which can be very damaging to the self-confidence. However, they are often unwilling to make the sacrifice of wearing braces for as long as two to three years. But what they might not know is that there are now braces available that can straighten teeth in a fraction of that time and are far more discreet than the old fashioned metal braces.

One such brace is the Six Month Smile. Devised in America at the tail-end of the last century, Six Month Smile braces have been sweeping the US and are now finally available in the UK. The braces are able to achieve such rapid straightening by concentrating solely on the teeth that show when smiling. Also, because the brace only focuses on the teeth and not the bite, the forces needed to move the teeth into position are significantly less than with other braces. This means that they are far more comfortable and involve no uncomfortable tightening sessions at the dentist.

Six Month smile braces are also made from very thin and discreet tooth coloured wires and brackets to reduce the visual impact of the brace. South East London dentists are now offering the Six Month treatment to patients who may have been reluctant to wear other braces as they have addressed all the negative issues commonly complained about with the old braces. Be among the first in the UK to experience the amazing comfortable straightening power of Six Month Smile braces.

Realistic replacement with dental implant from South East London dentist

Missing teeth can be a great source of embarrassment, especially when in a prominent position in the smile. They are very noticeable and can really knock a person’s self-confidence, even more so when the lost tooth has been the result of a sudden trauma or accident. But there are ways of replacing the teeth that are both very realistic and functional.

One of the most realistic ways to replace a lost tooth is a dental implant. This is the only kind of tooth replacement that restores the whole tooth from root to tip. Other dental prosthetics such as dental bridges and partial dentures only restores the tooth from the gum line and as a result are more prone to damage and are less sturdy. This can make it difficult to eat certain foods and can cause anxiety about breakages.

The implant itself is a smell titanium screw that is drilled directly into the jawbone. This sounds a lot more unpleasant than it actually is and the procedure is relatively painless. Once secured into the jaw, the implant is left for some weeks or months to fuse with the gum tissue and bone. When this is complete the dentist will then attach a post and ultimately an artificial crown which is usually made of porcelain. This closely resembles the colour and consistency of other teeth for a greater degree of realism.

Dental implants are a lot more solid because they are anchored to the jaw just like real teeth. Unlike other dental substitutes they can last a whole lifetime without needing to be replaced. South East London dentists can assess suitability for implants at your next appointment and also give some guide as to their cost. But whatever the price, it is surely worth it to restore the appearance of your smile.

Smile again with a dental bridge from a London SE1 dentist

A dental bridge is a form of dental prosthetic that replaces a tooth or teeth that have been lost to dental decay or physical trauma. It consists of an artificial tooth attached either side of the missing tooth either by dental crowns, or if the teeth are in good condition, with resin-bonded metal strips.

Missing teeth can be very troublesome not to mention painful. They can cause long-term problems that can affect all the other teeth in the mouth as well as the joints and muscles of the face and neck. This happens when teeth rotate and shift into the space created by the missing tooth. This causes interruptions in the way the top and bottom teeth sit together, also known as bite. This can be a great source of irritation and can eventually lead to a very unpleasant jaw condition called TMJ.

It is therefore very important to replace the missing tooth as soon as possible. Dental bridges have been around for a long time but recent improvements in dental technology have led to improvements in treatment. The artificial tooth, known as the pontic, can be made from porcelain and chosen to closely match the colour of the other teeth for a more realistic appearance. A bridge will take several visits to a London SE1 dentist to fit, especially if the bridge is being attached using crowns.

Once fitted, the bridge may take some getting used to when talking and eating but after a while will be able to achieve almost everything possible with a real tooth and the cosmetic appearance of the teeth will have been fully restored. Dental bridges can last up to twenty years if properly maintained and cleaned regularly like other teeth. It is also advisable to make regular trips to the dentist to examine the bridge for any signs of weakness.

Easy orthodontic straightening with Damon braces from London SE1 dentist

As dental and orthodontic technologies improve, teeth straightening becomes more efficient, discreet and comfortable. Nowhere is this truer than with Damon braces, a perfect example of the strides taken in brace technology over the last twenty years.

Damon braces utilise a friction-free system to achieve more comfortable and speedy straightening than conventional metal-brace orthodontics, which often requires extractions and palatal expanders. The obvious major advantages of Damon braces include faster treatment times, which are typically six months faster; a greater degree of comfort, as there is no need for regular tightening thanks to the revolutionary self-ligating wire and bracket system; and better oral hygiene because of the lack of rubber bands which attracted bacteria and smaller brackets to allow easier cleaning.

The Damon brace also uses brackets that are made from ceramic and clear plastic to look more discreet in the mouth and a more pleasing aesthetic appearance. Damon braces are more powerful than most other fast acting braces such as Invisalign and the Inman aligner meaning they can tackle more complex orthodontic issues such as overcrowding and rotated teeth.

Damon braces from a London SE1 dentist may cost slightly more than conventional orthodontic treatment but the faster treatment times, greater comfort during treatment and more discreet appearance justify paying slightly more in the eyes of many patients. Having to wear a brace is never easy at the best of times but can be especially difficult for teenagers and young adults who don’t want to stand out from their peers or experience painful and unnecessary appointments at the dentist. So choose the Damon system and give them the easiest orthodontic treatment invented so far.

The future of dentistry with Cerec from London SE1 dentist

One of the most recent innovations in dental technology has involved the use of computer-assisted-design/computer-assisted manufacture (CAD/CAM). The leading exponent of this technology is Cerec, a process that allows dentists to make dental crowns and veneers in a single visit using computer-guided machinery.

In the past crowns had to be made in a laboratory by gradually building up layers of porcelain into the desired shape. This was a lengthy process and not always completely accurate. Dentists were working from dental moulds and conventional x-rays and at times crowns had to be adjusted even after fitting. With the advent of digital x-rays, dentists were able to create incredibly accurate representations of the patient’s teeth on a computer almost instantly. Then by using a computerised mill, they could sculpt a dental crown from a single piece of porcelain in less than ten minutes. Because a computer guides the mill, the crowns dentists are now able to produce are incredibly accurate.

This one visit technology, also known as chair-side restoration, has slashed the amount of time needed to fit a crown and the number of appointments required. It has also significantly improved the quality of treatment available at London SE1 dentists. It has also meant that crowns no longer need to be made with metal for strength and fixing purposes. This means that all porcelain crowns are far more aesthetically pleasing than old-fashioned crowns.

Cerec technology represents the future of cosmetic dentistry and is the first step towards a greater computerisation. In the future all dentists will use Cerec technology or similar for a number of dental procedures but for now you are able to experience the incredible crowns and veneers that can restore the appearance of your smile in just a single afternoon.

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