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Archives for January, 2010

Experience the dramatic effect of veneers at London SE1 dentist

A dental veneer is a specially designed ceramic shell that is cemented over the top of a tooth for either cosmetic or restorative purposes. Veneer technology has improved in recent years to the extent that they now appear incredibly lifelike and can be manufactured to be as thin as a contact lens to limit enamel damage.

In the past it was sometimes necessary to remove a certain amount of enamel from the tooth in order to accommodate the veneer. Because modern veneers are so thin they can be fitted over teeth in their existing condition, including teeth that have had previous dental repair work.

Once manufactured, veneers are fairly straightforward to fit using the adhesive power of dental bonding. This means that a set of veneers can completely change the cosmetic appearance of all your teeth in just one appointment. Many patients choose to use veneers to restore the appearance of discoloured or worn teeth. On other occasions, one or two veneers may be fitted to protect a chipped or broken tooth from further damage, acting as a protective layer. Some tooth damage can be repaired with composite resin alone, but if the crack is affecting the structure of the tooth, or if more than one tooth is damaged it may be better to use veneers.

Modern veneers are made form ceramic, usually porcelain and can be manufactured with the help of the latest computer technology available to London SE1 dentists. Veneers are capable of producing dramatic changes in patient’s smiles with only the minimum of effort or discomfort involved.

South East London dentist restores natural colour with teeth whitening

In the technologically advanced world of cosmetic dentistry with its vast array of treatments for all kinds of dental disorders, it is one of the simplest, teeth whitening, that is often the most dramatic and certainly the most widely used.

The logic behind teeth whitening is just as simple as the process. Teeth discolour as we get older due to staining from food and drink, so whiter teeth make the patient look younger and more attractive. The major benefit of teeth whitening is that it can be used on virtually any patient and treatments are available for almost any budget and time allowance. Treatments range form one hour surgery sessions to two-week treatments including take home overnight trays. There is a plethora of different treatments available to suit every different kind of tooth, producing stunning results that can whiten teeth by up to ten shades.

The term whitening, as opposed to bleaching, refers to restoring the natural enamel colour of a tooth by removing dirt and debris. Therefore whitening can never make teeth look whiter than they are naturally supposed to be. This makes whitening a more organic and natural process than bleaching which actually stains white all the staining on the tooth’s surface. This can make teeth look unnaturally white and can even be dangerous if used in high concentration by inexperienced hands. For this reason South east London dentists recommend that all bleaching should be either performed or prepared by a professional, using approved treatment materials.

Both bleaching and whitening vary greatly in price depending on the extent of whitening to be carried out. The effects of teeth whitening can last up to three years before it needs repeating.

Fast, invisible treatment with Invisalign Express from South East London dentist

Invisalign Express is an orthodontic teeth-straightening system from the Invisalign family designed specifically to treat mild orthodontic problems like minor overcrowding or spacing issues. Because it is only treating mild problems treatment time is reduced form approximately 18 months to just five or six.

The Express treatment uses the same one millimetre thick clear plastic retainer type braces used in the main Invisalign treatment, but usually only requires ten retainers used for two weeks, as opposed to twenty five or thirty. A South East London dentist will be able to assess the suitability of this treatment and give you a more in depth analysis of cost.

The dental examination to assess suitability will usually involve diagnostic tools such as digital x-rays. The Express system is best suited to patients with mild issues requiring little movement, excluding teeth that have rotated. It is an ideal and discreet treatment for patients who have already worn braces but whose teeth are beginning to slide out of position once again. The cost will certainly be less than a full Invisalign treatment because fewer materials and appointments are needed during the treatment.

If you have previously worn a brace and are worried that your teeth are again becoming misaligned then the Invisalign Express treatment may well be perfect for you. Invialsign products have an excellent reputation in the dental community as modern and progressive dentistry tools. Embracing modern technology, Invisalign aim to offer the most accurate and cost effective treatments for all patients.

Complete discretion with Invisalign braces from south East London dentist

There is no doubt that fixed metal braces can be effective but for many patients, and in particular older patients, the idea of having to wear messy and uncomfortable metal braces for two years is unsurprisingly not that appealing. Many older patients who missed out on orthodontic straightening when they were younger have often felt ignored by the world of cosmetic dentistry in terms of viable straightening treatments. That was until the advent of Invisalign clear braces.

The Invisalign system was first introduced in the US at the beginning of the new millennium and has slowly become more and more available in this country. Media exposure and positive testimonials on makeover shows have heightened the profile of the Invisalign system making it one of the most popular new ways to straighten teeth. But what is it exactly that makes the Invisalign system so special? Well, most obviously, is the fact that it is nearly invisible to others unless standing extremely close to the patient, and even then you would probably have to know that they were there to even notice.

The system works by using a series of computer designed retainer-type braces, each making a small adjustment to the position of the teeth and treatment takes on average four to six months less that most fixed metal braces. It’s easy to see why Invisalign braces are becoming so popular with patients all over the UK. For patients unwilling to resort to metal braces, the Invisalign system seems to offer the perfect solution. The braces are discreet, treatment is shorter and they are also completely removable. Effective treatment requires the braces to be in the mouth on average 22 hours a day. That leaves two hours free to eat and clean teeth limiting the effect braces have on your lifestyle. You can receive more information about the incredible Invisalign system at South East London dentists.

London SE1 dentist corrects teeth with Six Month Smile braces

Pioneered in the United States, the home of cosmetic dentistry, a new treatment is sweeping the UK providing a real alternative to traditional brace technology and invisible retainer braces. The Six Month Smile treatment is a revolutionary straightening system that provides incredibly fast results both quickly and very discreetly.

Traditional fixed braces are effective but they are also ugly and uncomfortable as anyone who has worn them will tell you. They can also take up to two and a half years to fully complete treatment. Invisible braces are sleek and discreet but there are always some concerns about their effectiveness for all patients. They can also take years of treatment to be fully effective. The Six Month Smile brace is filling the middle ground offering braces that are both effective and also discreet. But the additional bonus is the incredible speed of treatment, with results possible on average in just six-months, hence the name.

The braces are manufactured with small, tooth coloured titanium wires and brackets, which reduce the visual impact of the brace when in the mouth. As treatment focuses on the teeth visible at the front of the mouth, a small metal bar will be visible over the front of the teeth but even this is very discreet. This focussed treatment allows the brace to be so effective and produce its ultra fast results.

The Six Month Smile treatment is also gaining renown for the ease and comfort of the treatment. Fewer appointments are needed than with most other straightening systems and the need for regular uncomfortable straightening is similarly reduced. Patients at London SE1 dentists are already enjoying the benefits provided by Six Month Smile braces so if you have always been unsure about conventional orthodontic treatment, now could be the time to ask your dentist about the Six Month Smile.

Boost teenagers’ confidence with Invisalign teen braces from London SE1 dentist

One of the things most associated stereotypically with teenagers is braces. The ugly and messy train track braces used so prevalently over the last thirty years. While still effective, these braces are hardly appealing to teenagers passing through the most difficult and turbulent developing years. Unseemly metal braces can have a significant effect on the self-confidence of teenagers at a time when standing out from the crowd is the last thing they want. But if your teenager needs braces they might just have a reason to smile.

Invisalign Teen is an invisible brace system developed from the Invisalign range, offering discreet and effective treatment that caters for all your teenager’s dental needs. Designed by dentists with specialist knowledge of teenage dental care, including care of more than just their teeth, Invisalign Teen braces are made from one millimetre thick clear plastic that is virtually invisible. The braces can be used to correct overcrowded, misaligned or unevenly spaced teeth in almost all cases and are manufactured using the latest 3D technology. The Teen range also comes with special blue dot indicators that show if the brace is being worn for the correct amount of time, which is very reassuring for parents.

Another advantage of the Invisalign system is that the braces are completely removable. This means that unlike fixed braces there is no need for the braces to impact on the overall dental health of the patient as they can be removed for cleaning. The Invisalign teen range is the perfect solution for straightening your teenager’s teeth while maintaining their self-confidence and dental health. Available from London SE1 dentists, the Invisalign Teen system is the future of teenage teeth straightening.

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