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Archives for December, 2009

Low impact straightening with Inman aligner from South East London dentist

For patients who want  but don’t like the idea of wearing fixed braces or having permanent porcelain veneers fitted at the expense of otherwise healthy tooth enamel, the good news is that there is now a treatment that can straighten teeth in only twelve to eighteen weeks. In fact, in some cases the Inman aligner has begun to show results after as little as six weeks.

The Inman aligner is a removable, fast and discreet straightening device that represents a radical departure form conventional cosmetic dentistry treatment. Because the aligner focuses solely on the teeth that can be seen when smiling, it is able to achieve such incredibly fast results.

South East London dentists will be able to assess suitability for treatment at an initial consultation. If you are suitable for the Inman aligner treatment will usually cost between £1,000 and £2,000 from start to finish, depending on the nature of your teeth. Treatment involves relatively little or no pain with only some mild discomfort when the Inman aligner is initially fitted. The number of appointments needed during the Inman aligner treatment is also significantly reduced compared to traditional fixed braces, making the treatment more convenient for you.

Dentists recommend that you wear the Inman aligner for between eighteen and twenty hours a day for maximum benefit of treatment. This means, however, that it can be taken out when eating or cleaning teeth, again reducing the impact a brace has on your life.

Gum contouring from London SE1 dentist corrects gummy smile

About 7 per cent of men and 14 per cent of women suffer from a condition known as a gummy smile, which is an excess of gum tissue making their teeth appear too short. The condition is not serious and has no real medicinal disadvantage but it can be responsible for a loss of confidence and low self esteem due to embarrassment.

It is very quick and easy to fix a gummy smile using modern technology in a process called laser gum contouring. In the past gum contouring would have been carried out with a scalpel but using the heat of a laser is a much healthier and easier process to perform.

With a diode laser, the dentist can simply sculpt the desired gum line form the existing excess tissue making the gums and teeth look more natural and healthy together. The heat of the laser vaporises the excess gum tissue while simultaneously cauterising it, preventing blood loss. The heat of the laser also sterilises the tissue reducing the chances of post-procedural infection. It may sound a little unpleasant to burn tissue, but contouring is a relatively painless procedure and your London SE1 dentist can administer anaesthetic before treatment.

The surgery usually lasts between 15 minutes and two hours depending on the amount of tissue that needs to be removed, with recovery time obviously increasing depending on the extent of surgery. All gum tissue will usually be completely healed after four weeks. Once gum contouring is complete some patients also opt for porcelain veneers to complete a more thorough smile makeover but this is not usually necessary.

Limitless possibilities of dentistry at London SE1 dentist

Modern dentistry is one of the most technologically advanced areas of health care. As more and more importance is put on the appearance and health of our teeth, dentists have devised more efficient and remarkable procedures to help improve patient’s teeth. It is now possible to completely transform even the most neglected and unattractive teeth into a beautiful, white smile using a series of amazing dental procedures.

There are too many dental treatments available to name here but it is possible to give a few examples of what is possible. For teeth that are discoloured or worn dentists can cover the surface enamel with specially designed porcelain veneers, specifically designed for the patient in terms of size, shape and shade. These veneers can be manufactured in minutes and fitted in a matter of hours. This can completely transform a patient’s smile in only one afternoon.

Fitting veneers might not be possible with crooked or uneven teeth but the latest in orthodontic straightening means that teeth can now be straightened in less time than ever. Some braces such as the Inman aligner promise straighter teeth in as little as six weeks. When your teeth are straight you may prefer to keep the natural look of enamel rather than opt for veneers. In this case teeth can be whitened naturally with dental cleaning, or even artificially bleached to look whiter. Teeth whitening is capable of brightening a patient’s teeth by up to ten shades and is readily available at all London SE1 dentists.

By using one or a combination of these and other treatments it is easy to change the appearance of your teeth and give every patient the beautiful, confident smile they deserve. Dentistry has come a long way in the last twenty years so why don’t you make an appointment to see what is possible.

Look years younger with facial rejuvenation from South East London dentist

Facial rejuvenation includes a variety of long and short-term procedures aimed at making the face look younger. These procedures can include permanent plastic surgery, mid-range surgical procedures and non invasive temporary skin treatments. Facial rejuvenation form a South East London dentist will usually take the form of the latter two types of treatment: mid-range surgical procedures and non-invasive skin treatments.

More and more dentists are offering facial rejuvenation treatments as part of a wider smile makeover, after all the face and lips do frame the smile. Mid-range surgical treatments involve the injection of artificial materials into the skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and make it look firmer, plumper and younger, The two best known treatments of this type are botox and collagen. They both aim to interrupt the messages sent through muscular tissue that causes wrinkles. These kinds of treatments are relatively safe and the effects last for up to four months before follow up treatments are required.

Non-invasive skin treatments come in the form of moisturisers and exfoliants aimed at naturally making the skin healthier. Other treatments of this type include anti-oxidant therapy aimed at reducing the damage caused by free-radicals in the body. More severe skin treatments come in the form of chemical peel or laser skin resurfacing which stimulate the skin to rejuvenate by removing the dying top layer. These can be painful and require significant recovery time. Ask your dentist to see which of these treatments would be best suited to your particular skin and you could lose years from the appearance of your face.

Restore confidence and teeth with dentures from South East London dentist

Loosing some or all of your teeth can have a massive negative impact on your self-confidence and also have a hugely detrimental effect on your quality of life. It is also possible that missing teeth can cause the facial muscles to sag making you look much older than you really are. The solution to all the problems associated with multiple tooth loss is dentures.

They might not sound all that appealing but dentures have long been used and are the tried and tested way of replacing missing teeth. Denture technology has also come a long way making today’s dentures a much more appealing option. Tooth loss can happen for a number of reasons and it is important to replace missing teeth as soon as possible to prevent complications leading to further loss. Dentures or partial dentures are often the best artificial alternative to replace real teeth.

A well-fitting denture will not be loose and will greatly improve the quality of life of the patient. Some patients have loose dentures because of increased gum erosion and resort to dental adhesives for extra security. This can be messy and prohibits eating certain foods. For patients who are still anxious about the embarrassment of loose dentures there is now the possibility of mini-implants fitted to the jawbone to secure the dentures.

In the hands of a skilled South East London dentist, the results capable with dentures are stunning. Not only can they completely restore the smile and confidence of a patient but they can also restore their much-needed quality of life and make them look years younger.

Reliable dental implant from London SE1 dentist replaces missing tooth

Dental implants are among the most successful treatments available in the field of dentistry. While no procedure is 100 per cent effective, the five-year success rate of the average dental implant is 95 per cent. This is just another reason why dental implants are considered the best option for replacing missing teeth.

Dental implants are the small cylindrical screws that are secured directly into the jawbone to support a tooth. Usually made form titanium because of its strength, implants are anchored into the jaw before being left to fuse with the bone and gum tissue in a process called osseointergration. Once full fusion has occurred, the implant can be used to secure a post and ultimately an artificial tooth. Because the implant replaces the whole tooth root, and not just the crown that is proud of the gum tissue it provides a much more realistic alternative than both dental bridges and partial dentures. Dental implants are almost as strong as real teeth meaning there are fewer limits to what the patient may eat or drink.

Implants can be used to replace a single missing tooth or even two or three adjacent teeth lost to decay or dental trauma. A series of five smaller implants are increasingly being used as a solid base to attach dentures. This alleviates anxiety for denture wearers and removes the need to use denture adhesive, which can be unpleasant.

Of all the restorative options available to London SE1 dentists, none has proved to be as consistently reliable and realistic as the dental implant. Patients with missing teeth keen to restore their smile should ask their dentist about their suitability for dental implants at their next appointment.

Preserve dental hygiene with appointment at South East London dentist

Dental hygiene is the process of keeping your teeth and mouth clean and healthy by following a correct brushing and flossing routine. The third and possibly most important factor is maintaining regular visits to the dentist every six months for dental check ups.

Brushing and flossing help to prevent the build up of plaque on the enamel surface of teeth. Plaque is a sticky, bacterial substance that releases enamel damaging acid causing tooth decay and gum disease. The purpose of dental hygiene is to use good brushing and flossing techniques to remove this plaque and prevent it turning into harder, immovable tartar. This will result in healthy, debris-free teeth surrounded by healthy pink gums that are not sensitive and a mouth that smells nice.

Teeth that are not clean and healthy are often prone to painful or bleeding gums, bad breath, yellow or brown stains on the teeth and teeth that become loose over time. These are all quite unpleasant conditions that can be easily remedied with better dental hygiene. Ignore these problems and they become worse and can eventually lead to painful periodontitis, tooth decay and eventually tooth loss.

In addition to brushing and flossing it may be necessary to use mouthwash or fluoride to protect your teeth but it is only recommended to use these products under advice from a South East London dentist. The dentist can also advise patients which toothpaste is most suitable to use and what brush is most suited to your teeth. Seeing a dental hygienist can also help to improve the overall quality of your dental heath.

London SE1 dentist use discreet Damon braces

The old style fixed metal braces have put a lot of people off having fixed braces who might benefit from treatment, but new Damon braces are staking a claim for modern fixed-bracket braces as the most effective and comfortable form of orthodontic teeth-straightening.

We are all aware of the old style ‘train track’ style braces having had to wear them ourselves or knowing somebody who has. Anyone who has worn this type pf brace can tell you just how uncomfortable they can be sometimes, with nasty metal wires and brackets sticking into the soft tissue lining of the mouth. You don’t have to have worn these braces to know how unattractive they can look and how messy they can make eating. But the new Damon braces have addressed all these problems and more to produce discreet, comfortable and incredibly powerful fixed braces. They also have the added bonus of working, on average, six months faster than the old style braces.

The secret to Damon braces’ success is the self-ligating memory wire and 60 per cent smaller ceramic brackets used to hold it. The self-ligating wire has removed the need for painful brace tightening, an unpleasant necessity of the old braces. This also means that far fewer appointments are needed during the treatment. Because the brackets are half the size of their predecessors and made of white ceramic they are also far more discreet. They also allow for much easier teeth cleaning keeping your mouth healthier. Damon braces do not use metal or elastic ties which were also breeding grounds for bacteria, making the mouth unhealthy.

London SE1 dentists are currently offering patients these incredible new braces that are revolutionising the world of fixed orthodontic braces. Capable of producing stunning results, the Damon brace is the future of fixed orthodontic treatment.

Fast, effective dental crown repairs tooth at South East London dentist

As a practical solution to an unattractive and sometimes painful dental problem, a dental crown is hard to beat. A well designed and fitted dental crown is an elegant and aesthetically pleasing protective barrier against further dental damage or simply a restorative cosmetic device used to improve the smile. Either way, dental crowns serve an extremely important function in modern cosmetic dentistry.

A dental crown itself is a porcelain tooth cap that sits over the top of the damaged tooth, covering all parts of the tooth exposed above the gum line. It is cemented into position using composite resin bonding and acts as an enamel-like protective barrier against further damage or decay. Crowns are commonly used to replace parts of cracked or broken teeth; teeth that suffer from dental decay and unstable fillings; and teeth that have recently been treated with a root canal. In all these cases, the crown is the last stage of the restorative treatment.

Modern crowns are usually made from porcelain, with some metal still being used in non-visible crowns. It is now possible to manufacture the crown from a single piece of porcelain in a matter of minutes. This not only increases the strength of the crown itself as there are no fragile joints, but it also reduces treatment and production time helping to keep costs down.

Make an appointment with a South East London dentist if you think you have a tooth that could benefit from a dental crown. It could mean an end to the pain of dental trauma and the restoration of your smile in one straightforward procedure.

Reconstructive dental bridge from London SE1 dentist replaces lost tooth

Just as a real bridge is used to fill the area between two pieces of land, a dental bridge is used to fill the gap between two teeth. These gaps in the dental arc are caused by teeth lost either due to decay or accident. It can be a very embarrassing situation for patients who have a missing tooth, particularly if it is a prominent or visible one. But beyond the cosmetic damage a missing tooth can cause, there are also some very serious physiological conditions that can occur from missing teeth.

If a tooth has been lost in the front of the dental arc then it can cause the other teeth to rotate or lean into the empty space. This can turn an otherwise straight and even smile into an unattractive and crooked one. This can also be the cause of malocclusion or bite interruption that can lead to painful jaw conditions called TMJ. Vacant teeth spaces can also act as difficult-to-clean bacteria traps. This can lead to bacterial infection that can cause further tooth damage. It is therefore very important to replace missing teeth as soon as possible.

Dental bridges are fitted by London SE1 dentists using a combination of an artificial tooth, composite resin bonding and dental crowns. A crown on each of the abutment teeth on either side of the gap act as support for the new tooth which sits on top of the gum. In cases where patient’s teeth are very healthy otherwise the dentist may choose to use metal strips to attach the artificial tooth rather than dental crowns.

Dental bridges usually last for between 10 and 15 years but in some cases, when properly cared for, they can last a lot longer. Ask a dentist about dental bridges if you are suffering from a missing tooth.

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