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Why You Should Consider A Cosmetic Dentist In London

A cosmetic dentist in London can help you with many things, including teeth whitening. Over the years, teeth can become discoloured and it may become more challenging to remove stains from coffee, wine, smoking and other foods and beverages that can stain teeth.

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Stained teeth are unsightly and may slowly erode at self-confidence. The desire to smile may quickly be diminished and eventually, people won’t think that the person is friendly at all.

Why Teeth Stain

Teeth are made up of enamel and their surface can be easily damaged by acids that are found in specific foods and beverages. Tobacco can also stain the delicate surface of the teeth and cause serious damage.

As the enamel erodes away, teeth become discoloured and begin to expose the dentin layer that is beneath the enamel. This dentin layer is yellow and will look dingy and dirty on the teeth. As the enamel erodes, the teeth will also begin to age faster and they begin to look older and more worn.

It’s natural for teeth to begin to yellow as people age however, it’s not something that people have to settle for. In fact, people can fight this sign of aging every step of the way.

Can Teeth Staining Be Prevented?

There are many easy ways to help prevent teeth staining. Start by brushing teeth well and be sure and floss. Use a good fluoride-enriched toothpaste that can help to mineralize the enamel of the teeth and reduce any acid residue.

It’s important to brush twice daily and make sure that this is done each morning and evening. It’s also suggested that those who drink coffee or other drinks that may stain teeth brush shortly after their last cup of coffee or other beverage that may stain their teeth. This can greatly reduce the chance of the teeth being stained. It can also help to reduce the amount of acid that is left in the mouth which will, in turn, reduce the risk of losing more enamel.

There are other remedies that will also help to retain the natural whiteness of the teeth. Start by rinsing the mouth with water and consider chewing a sugar-free gum to help keep the mouth cleansed. This helps to encourage the production of saliva which will continue to remove any acid that may erode at the enamel.

It’s also wise to reduce the number of acidic foods that are ingested on a daily basis as this can help to improve the whiteness of the teeth. Keep in mind that the teeth may need to be whitened by a professional cosmetic dentist in order to give them a boost now and again.

Always keep in mind that there are many ways to keep teeth whiter. The more that are used, the more likely the person is to have whiter teeth. Give a Cosmetic Dentist In London a call today and find out what you can be doing to get a whiter smile. Incorporating some of the above-mentioned methods will help to whiten a smile.

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