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Fast, invisible treatment with Invisalign Express from South East London dentist

Invisalign Express is an orthodontic teeth-straightening system from the Invisalign family designed specifically to treat mild orthodontic problems like minor overcrowding or spacing issues. Because it is only treating mild problems treatment time is reduced form approximately 18 months to just five or six.

The Express treatment uses the same one millimetre thick clear plastic retainer type braces used in the main Invisalign treatment, but usually only requires ten retainers used for two weeks, as opposed to twenty five or thirty. A South East London dentist will be able to assess the suitability of this treatment and give you a more in depth analysis of cost.

The dental examination to assess suitability will usually involve diagnostic tools such as digital x-rays. The Express system is best suited to patients with mild issues requiring little movement, excluding teeth that have rotated. It is an ideal and discreet treatment for patients who have already worn braces but whose teeth are beginning to slide out of position once again. The cost will certainly be less than a full Invisalign treatment because fewer materials and appointments are needed during the treatment.

If you have previously worn a brace and are worried that your teeth are again becoming misaligned then the Invisalign Express treatment may well be perfect for you. Invialsign products have an excellent reputation in the dental community as modern and progressive dentistry tools. Embracing modern technology, Invisalign aim to offer the most accurate and cost effective treatments for all patients.

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