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Invisalign Can Give You The Chance To Shine

4108709_blogIf you’ve ever been held back by your smile or you suffer from a lack of confidence because of crooked or crowded teeth, Invisalign is here to let you unleash your potential and live life to the full. With this amazing treatment, you can enjoy a stunning smile and increased confidence.

Invisalign is a modern alternative to traditional orthodontics; rather than using a fixed brace, Invisalign uses custom-made clear plastic aligners to straighten the teeth and correct misalignment. These aligners are light and they are completely transparent, so they cannot be seen when you smile.

The benefits of Invisalign

People have been reluctant to have orthodontic treatment for decades because of the look of braces, but now, this is no longer an issue, as Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible. This means that you can have treatment without worrying about the stigma attached to wearing braces or suffering from low confidence as a result of your treatment. With this system, nothing needs to change except for the look of your smile when you take your braces off for the last time; you can eat and brush your teeth normally, speak clearly and you don’t need to wear a load of metal to get the smile of your dreams.

In addition to amazingly discreet aesthetics, Invisalign also provides comfortable and convenient treatment. There are no metal parts or bands and the forces that move the teeth are gentle; you can also take the aligners out to brush your teeth, which makes it much easier to keep your teeth and your brace clean.

The treatment process

Invisalign treatment is different to traditional treatment because it uses multiple devices, rather than a single brace. Each aligner is slightly different and treatment involves wearing each one for 2 weeks in the specified order. The aligners are designed to be removed when you eat and clean your teeth, but it’s essential that they are worn for at least 21 hours every day to make sure that treatment is successful.

We also offer Invisalign Teen for younger patients and Invisalign Lite for patients who only need minor correction.

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