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You Can Mix And Match For A London Smile Makeover

We are proud to offer an extensive range of restorative, cosmetic and orthodontic treatments to create your bespoke smile makeover. Whether you have crooked, missing or chipped teeth or your teeth are stained or you have a gummy smile, we have the perfect treatments to produce amazing results.

Our smile makeovers are made up of a series of different dental treatments and we can pick and choose to suit your needs, your treatment preferences and your vision of the dream smile.

Which treatments are available?

We offer an array of different treatments and we are able to combine different treatments to tailor treatment to your needs; every smile makeover we do is slightly different because every client is unique.

Our treatment list includes restorative options, such as white fillings, porcelain crowns and veneers and we also offer cosmetic procedures, such as tooth whitening and cosmetic bonding and the latest orthodontic treatments, including Invisalign, the Inman Aligner, Damon Braces, STb lingual braces and 6 Month Smiles. We can also provide treatment for missing teeth and facial rejuvenation treatment.

How do I know which treatments are best for me?

When you come for your consultation, we will chat with you at length about your treatment aims and goals and the kind of look you would like; we can then make recommendations based on your dental needs and the areas you particularly want to tackle. One person’s smile makeover may be completely different to another patient’s and this is the beauty of treatment; we have a flexible approach, which enables us to personalise your treatment completely.

As well as taking your dental needs into consideration, we can also work around specific budgets and time-frames.

If you’re longing for a beautiful smile, what are you waiting for? With our incredible smile makeovers, we can transform your smile and make you look and feel amazing in perfect time for Christmas.

Why choose Damon Braces in South East London

It’s a minefield of choice in south east London when it comes to braces and aligners and braces. Generally, the condition of your teeth, will dictate the the type of treatment that is suitable for you. But people who have to wear them, prefer them to be comfortable and discreet- the fixed Damon brace offers just that and more, making it a viable contender- whatever your age. A thin ‘memory’ wire connects a number of clear, ceramic plates through tiny ‘sliding doors’, that are placed on each tooth, but what sets this treatment apart from others is that it is self litigating, that is, it adjusts the pressure on your teeth automatically, throughout the time it is in your mouth, meaning, it also cuts out the number of visits you have to pay to the dentist. It’s because the wire causes very little friction to the teeth, they respond very quickly to movement- this reflects on it’s costs too; depending on the level of correction you require, the Damon Brace starts from around £2500, which can be spread over the course of the treatment with a payment plan. There is very minimal mechanics in the mouth, which makes it very easy to clean, important considering that this brace is ‘fixed’ in the mouth throughout the treatment. The Damon is a very attractive choice, offering great results and available to people of all ages.

Damon Braces and their advantages. A London SE1 gives us the facts

The Damon Brace system is a scientifically designed way of straightening the teeth, very few of us escape crooked, misaligned teeth and gaps in between them says a London SE1 dentist. It isn`t a system that uses removable clear braces, it is very much based on the old tried and tested system of fixed clamps cemented onto the teeth. Unlike the conventional system it doesn’t use elastic to stretch the teeth in an uncomfortable manner, it uses wire that is incredibly flexible and reduces the friction problem that elastic produces. The clamps are also designed to be smaller than conventional ones; this reduces the visible line and helps the patient with their acceptance of the process. It takes a lot less time to accomplish the task of straightening teeth and closing gaps with the Damon Brace, this allows for the system to be cheaper than the usual system with less time spent in the dentist`s chair. It is especially popular with the younger generation, and the process is a comfortable one with no pain so the patient gets a lot of confidence from the start that it will all be worth it in the end. The pressures on the wires is worked out using a tried and tested system, it involves taking impressions of the teeth, along with X-rays and digital photos. These are fed into a computer program that works out the best way of achieving the goal on the individual patient, in the quickest time that the dentist can do it.

Easy orthodontic straightening with Damon braces from London SE1 dentist

As dental and orthodontic technologies improve, teeth straightening becomes more efficient, discreet and comfortable. Nowhere is this truer than with Damon braces, a perfect example of the strides taken in brace technology over the last twenty years.

Damon braces utilise a friction-free system to achieve more comfortable and speedy straightening than conventional metal-brace orthodontics, which often requires extractions and palatal expanders. The obvious major advantages of Damon braces include faster treatment times, which are typically six months faster; a greater degree of comfort, as there is no need for regular tightening thanks to the revolutionary self-ligating wire and bracket system; and better oral hygiene because of the lack of rubber bands which attracted bacteria and smaller brackets to allow easier cleaning.

The Damon brace also uses brackets that are made from ceramic and clear plastic to look more discreet in the mouth and a more pleasing aesthetic appearance. Damon braces are more powerful than most other fast acting braces such as Invisalign and the Inman aligner meaning they can tackle more complex orthodontic issues such as overcrowding and rotated teeth.

Damon braces from a London SE1 dentist may cost slightly more than conventional orthodontic treatment but the faster treatment times, greater comfort during treatment and more discreet appearance justify paying slightly more in the eyes of many patients. Having to wear a brace is never easy at the best of times but can be especially difficult for teenagers and young adults who don’t want to stand out from their peers or experience painful and unnecessary appointments at the dentist. So choose the Damon system and give them the easiest orthodontic treatment invented so far.

London SE1 dentist use discreet Damon braces

The old style fixed metal braces have put a lot of people off having fixed braces who might benefit from treatment, but new Damon braces are staking a claim for modern fixed-bracket braces as the most effective and comfortable form of orthodontic teeth-straightening.

We are all aware of the old style ‘train track’ style braces having had to wear them ourselves or knowing somebody who has. Anyone who has worn this type pf brace can tell you just how uncomfortable they can be sometimes, with nasty metal wires and brackets sticking into the soft tissue lining of the mouth. You don’t have to have worn these braces to know how unattractive they can look and how messy they can make eating. But the new Damon braces have addressed all these problems and more to produce discreet, comfortable and incredibly powerful fixed braces. They also have the added bonus of working, on average, six months faster than the old style braces.

The secret to Damon braces’ success is the self-ligating memory wire and 60 per cent smaller ceramic brackets used to hold it. The self-ligating wire has removed the need for painful brace tightening, an unpleasant necessity of the old braces. This also means that far fewer appointments are needed during the treatment. Because the brackets are half the size of their predecessors and made of white ceramic they are also far more discreet. They also allow for much easier teeth cleaning keeping your mouth healthier. Damon braces do not use metal or elastic ties which were also breeding grounds for bacteria, making the mouth unhealthy.

London SE1 dentists are currently offering patients these incredible new braces that are revolutionising the world of fixed orthodontic braces. Capable of producing stunning results, the Damon brace is the future of fixed orthodontic treatment.

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