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Put A Dent In That Devastating London Bridge Decay

4546258_blogDental decay is a constant, ever present threat to the health of your teeth and if it isn’t kept in check and monitored, it can eventually lead to gum disease, abscesses and tooth loss. Generally, prevention is better than cure in LondonBridge and there are enough shops and chemists in the area to buy the best products from to ensure that you avoid the build-up of plaque and tartar on the surfaces of the teeth, the acids from which will slowly but surely eat away at the teeth’s enamel. Your dentist will be able to check these problems too, so regular visits are vitally important.


Diet is also important and you need to understand what foods can be detrimental to the surfaces of your teeth and what promotes acids in the mouth. However, none of us are perfect and from time to time, some of these problems get through our best laid plans: once the acids and bacteria start to work their ‘magic’, caries and cavities can form which will result in you needing a filling to put a dent in the progress of the decay. If left though, the decay can become quite devastating; once inside the tooth, the pulp and roots become infected and in order to save the day, a root canal will be required. Any more after this and you are heading into the choppy waters of tooth loss. It is always wise to try to maintain high levels of oral hygiene and if you detect anything at all going awry, get your dentist to take a look at the problem.

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