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Needle Fear Needs To Be Conquered Before It Takes Over

1050560_blogOne of the main reasons people suffer serious anxiety from dental phobia is the fear of needles and injections. If you avoid going to the dentist because you can’t stand the thought of needles, we are here to help you overcome your fears and feel more comfortable when you see a dentist in the future.

Other possible causes of dental phobia include a fear of pain, fear of the unknown and negative experiences in the past. Some patients also avoid going to the dentist because they are highly embarrassed and fearful about the state of their teeth and their oral health status. Whatever your reason for anxiety, our highly experienced dental team can help to ease your fears and enable you to feel confident and comfortable when you need dental treatment.

What can we do for phobic patients?

At London Bridge Dental Practice we do everything we can to make our patients feel relaxed and our dentists have many years of experience of caring for nervous patients under their belts. From offering an ear to listen to concerns and worries and taking time to explain what is going to happen, when, to using the latest techniques to prevent pain, our dentists are here to help and support you.

We offer the latest treatments and use state of the art technology to produce excellent results with minimal pain and we can also carry out dental treatment under sedation.

We want our patients to be able to have the treatment they want or need without going through episodes of anxiety or stress. It’s important to see a dentist on a regular basis for health reasons, so if you’ve avoided the dentist for years or you’re battling dental pain on a regular basis, call us now and let us help you.

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