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London SE1 dentist helps patients overcome dental phobia.

Dental phobias can range from a sense of mild anxiety to dangerous inability to visit dentists at all. Whatever form it takes, your London SE1 dentist understands and can help you overcome your fears. If you suffer from dental phobia or anxiety you should can mention this to your dentist on the phone before you ever step foot inside the office. Your dentist will then takes extra care with you and try and put you at ease.

A lot of dental phobias stem from childhood experience. Maybe the child had a traumatic experience with a dental treatment or the dentist was not considerate. It is important to remember that in the last decade or two dental practices have changed a great deal. New technologies have made checkups and treatments much easier, safer and quicker than ever before. Drills are quieter and efficient and cause very little discomfort. Modern anaesthetics mean that you feel no pain and have only very limited side effects.

There are several things that can help with dental phobias. Ask your dentist if you could come and visit without having a check up. It’ll give you a chance to look around the environment and it’ll most likely dispel any old fashioned notions of dentists you may have. For people with dental anxiety it is recommended to go for an early morning appointment, this means you have less time throughout the day to build up your anxiety. Remember that your first check up will only involve looking, they will not do any work or treatments on your teeth or gums but simply inspect how your teeth look. Since it can be difficult to talk when having your teeth inspected, agree a sign or hand gesture with your dentist to signal that you’d like them to stop.


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