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7 Reasons To Use London Bridge Dental Practice Dentist In London

When you have a dental problem, such as a cavity, you will need to fix this as soon as possible. If you are in the London area, you will find several different dental practices that can help you with this issue. Selecting the best dentist is actually very easy to do. You will compare each dental practice by visiting their website to see what services they offer. Many of them will have testimonials from patients that have use their services, and were satisfied with how their dental problems were resolved. There is one dental group that you should consider using called London Bridge Dental Practice. Here are 7 reasons why you should consider using this dental practice for all of your dental needs.

Dentist London: What Type Of Dental Services Are You Looking For?

There are many issues that may arise with your teeth, regardless of your age. Both young children, as well as adults, can have cavities or even chip their teeth. Teenagers often need to get braces to align their teeth into a perfect smile. It is very common for adults to consider dental implants, or even dentures, to restore their smile. If a person has started to lose their teeth, or if they are in some way damaged, a quality dental practice is what you need to find. London Bridge Dental Practice is one of the most comprehensive dental groups in London. Here are a few of the many services that they offer.

What Dental Services Do They Offer?

This dental practice can do fillings, crowns, bridges, dentures, and can do standard dental cleanings. They offer bonding procedures such as affixing veneers to stained or damaged teeth. Maxillofacial treatments are also provided that can help with problems associated with your jaw, face or mouth. They also specialize in restorative and cosmetic dentistry, and known for providing the highest quality dental treatments in the London area. This dental practice offers so many different services, but there are seven reasons why many people choose this dental clinic over all of the others in London.

7 Reasons To Use London Bridge Dental Practice

There are seven specific reasons that you should consider using this dental practice. First of all, they offer general dentistry treatments. This will include fixing cavities, repairing crowns and fillings, and they can also do teeth cleanings to improve your dental hygiene. This may include a gum disease treatment that can help prevent the loss of your teeth, or they may do a root canal. Second, they can do cosmetic dental work such as implanting dental bridges, dental implants, and provide the crowns that are necessary to complete these treatments. Third, they can do gum contouring, a cosmetic procedure related specifically to your gums. If you are gums are too high above your teeth, or if they are set too low, they can resolve this imbalance very easily. Fourth, they offer orthodontics for adults and children that need to straighten their teeth. This is a process that can take between 12 months and 18 months in most cases. They can give you a rough estimate as to how long it will take, and what the total cost will be on your first visit. They will use the popular Invisalign treatment that is so successful, the best orthodontic treatment option available today. Fifth, they offer teeth whitening procedures so that you can restore your smile. After just one or two treatments, you will see years of tea and coffee stains dissipate, revealing your brilliant smile. Sixth, they offer facial rejuvenation procedures, as well as lip enhancement procedures, using Botox and other clinically proven products. Finally, they offer one of the best dental cleaning services in the London area that can keep your teeth and gums healthy for many years to come. For all of these reasons, you might want to consider setting an appointment with this dental practice that has been serving the London area for many years.

How Can You Set An Appointment With This Dental Practice?

To set an appointment with this London Bridge Dental Practice Dentist in London, you can do so over the phone, or you can go to their website by submitting a request via email. A friendly representative will get back with you to schedule a time that is convenient. If you call, they will tell you when their next available appointment, and determine if it will work with your schedule.

If you would like to resolve a dental issue that you are currently facing, you can contact London Bridge Dental Practice today. Whether you need cosmetic dental work done, or a teeth cleaning appointment, they can accommodate your schedule. From gum contouring to dental implants, you will not find a better dental group in London. Contact London Bridge Dental Practice today to schedule your appointment so that you can resolve any and all dental problems you are currently facing.

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Why choose Damon Braces in South East London

It’s a minefield of choice in south east London when it comes to braces and aligners and braces. Generally, the condition of your teeth, will dictate the the type of treatment that is suitable for you. But people who have to wear them, prefer them to be comfortable and discreet- the fixed Damon brace offers just that and more, making it a viable contender- whatever your age. A thin ‘memory’ wire connects a number of clear, ceramic plates through tiny ‘sliding doors’, that are placed on each tooth, but what sets this treatment apart from others is that it is self litigating, that is, it adjusts the pressure on your teeth automatically, throughout the time it is in your mouth, meaning, it also cuts out the number of visits you have to pay to the dentist. It’s because the wire causes very little friction to the teeth, they respond very quickly to movement- this reflects on it’s costs too; depending on the level of correction you require, the Damon Brace starts from around £2500, which can be spread over the course of the treatment with a payment plan. There is very minimal mechanics in the mouth, which makes it very easy to clean, important considering that this brace is ‘fixed’ in the mouth throughout the treatment. The Damon is a very attractive choice, offering great results and available to people of all ages.

London SE1 dentist use discreet Damon braces

The old style fixed metal braces have put a lot of people off having fixed braces who might benefit from treatment, but new Damon braces are staking a claim for modern fixed-bracket braces as the most effective and comfortable form of orthodontic teeth-straightening.

We are all aware of the old style ‘train track’ style braces having had to wear them ourselves or knowing somebody who has. Anyone who has worn this type pf brace can tell you just how uncomfortable they can be sometimes, with nasty metal wires and brackets sticking into the soft tissue lining of the mouth. You don’t have to have worn these braces to know how unattractive they can look and how messy they can make eating. But the new Damon braces have addressed all these problems and more to produce discreet, comfortable and incredibly powerful fixed braces. They also have the added bonus of working, on average, six months faster than the old style braces.

The secret to Damon braces’ success is the self-ligating memory wire and 60 per cent smaller ceramic brackets used to hold it. The self-ligating wire has removed the need for painful brace tightening, an unpleasant necessity of the old braces. This also means that far fewer appointments are needed during the treatment. Because the brackets are half the size of their predecessors and made of white ceramic they are also far more discreet. They also allow for much easier teeth cleaning keeping your mouth healthier. Damon braces do not use metal or elastic ties which were also breeding grounds for bacteria, making the mouth unhealthy.

London SE1 dentists are currently offering patients these incredible new braces that are revolutionising the world of fixed orthodontic braces. Capable of producing stunning results, the Damon brace is the future of fixed orthodontic treatment.

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